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July 20, 2018

KSJI St. Charles Borromeo Commandery ends retreat – As Rev. Fr. Dieme harps on love

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Fr. Tony Dieme and Fr. Jude Ekemkpa flanked by Noble Amah and Lady Eze and other Exco members of the commandery.

Fr. Tony Dieme and Fr. Jude Ekemkpa flanked by Noble Amah and Lady Eze and other Exco members of the commandery.

Knights and Ladies of St. John’s International Borromeo Commandery (565), Ehime Mbano concluded a two-day retreat on Saturday June 16, 2013 at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary.

In his homily at the concelebrated Mass to round-off the two-day retreat, Rev. Fr. Tony Dieme, the Spiritual Director of the commandery, harped on the virtue of love, forgiveness and charity.

He went biblical citing the Apostle John, one of the disciples of Jesus Christ, who in all his preaching and writings emphasized on love of man, love of God, charity and forgiveness.

Rev. Fr. Tony Dieme who was assisted by Rev. Fr. Jude Ekemkpa (C.S.Sp.), implored members of Knights of St. John International to ensure that they constantly forgive those who offend them.

According to him “lack of spirit of forgiveness is debilitating, cancerous and can lead to physical and spiritual inefficiency”.  He further said that “anger and emotion when bottled up can lead to high blood pressure, emotional debasement and psychological reaction that can be harmful to the family, individual and society generally”.

Rev. Fr. Jude Ekemkpa in his view postulates that forgiveness is a personal decision to let go of resentment, provocation, bitterness, assault and ability to forgo reprisals.

He reminded Knights and Ladies of St. John’s International that forgiveness is not a mark of weakness or admittance of evil deed warning that lack of forgiveness lead to bitterness and has grievous potency for retaliation.

According to him, it takes maturity for anyone to learn to forgive and forget.  He observes that no one can forgive without forgetting because as human beings, some bad memories linger on.

The Worthy President of Knights of St. John’s International, St. Charles Borromeo Commandery (565), Major Noble Amah said the purpose of the retreat was to have a spiritual rebirth by members.

He urged the members to help themselves by displaying love and generosity in oneness of trinity.

Our correspondent, spoke with the respected President of the Ladies of St. John’s International (499), Lady Grace Eze who urged her fellow ladies to be up and practising  love, forgiveness and philanthropy as elucidated by Rev. Fr. Tony Dieme and Rev. Fr. Jude Ekemkpa (C.S.Sp.).


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