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August 16, 2018

Eating Slowly to Lose Weight

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Fitness & NutritionMost people lead busy lives and do most things in a rush, this can including eating their food hastily. The problem with the latter is that this can be an obstacle in you achieving your weight loss goals.

When you eat quickly:

·           It becomes a stressful activity.

·           It is more difficult for your food to digest, as the act of chewing breaks the food down into smaller particles enabling it to be utilised correctly by the body.

·           You are not allowing your body to signal to you that it is full, hence you have a greater chance of eating more. It takes about 20 minutes for the message to travel to our brain, to indicate how full we are.

·           You enjoy your food less.


So why not slow down your eating and savour your food, here are some tips that may help:

·           Schedule in time for your meals so that it is not another rushed activity.


·           Don’t eat with distractions e.g. Television, reading, on the phone, whilst driving etc to help prevent overeating. Remember part of the pleasure of eating is paying attention to your food and enjoying the flavours.


·           Put down your eating utensils between bites, this helps you to slow down.


·           Take time to chew your food properly to aid the digestion process.


Remember eating more slowly may take some time to become a habit, but by taking on-board one tip at a time you will learn to eat more slowly, enjoy your food more and get closer to meeting your weight loss goals.


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Gillian Stephen is the founder and director of Fitnessbuster, she is a personal trainer and nutrition coach specialising in weight loss programs, nutrition prescription and pre and post natal exercise. For more information email or become a fan on

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