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August 17, 2018


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Life Stories with Chioma Magnus-EgwimIt may sound ridiculous but the names we bear, the names we give to our off-springs has a lot to do in their individual lives. While some give names because others have given their children those names, just a few knows that the essence of given their wards the right names.

Some where in Africa;There lived a woman called Theresa who is of blessed memory now, who had four sons and four daughters, amidst her lovely kids was one very dear to her heart; who she named “Chiedumaga” though in agreement with her lovely husband. Chiedumaga grew up with the fear of God in him.

He was nurtured, though with a wooden spoon because his parents were peasant, his education career was a pain in the ass, as there was little or no money to send him to his dream citadel of higher learning. His mum on one of the occasions had to sell one of the two wrappers she had and treasured most. All these things happened in the very eyes of the lovely Chiedumaga who vowed to make his parents proud.

He chose to be a clergy, along the line because he has always loved the things of God; it was however sad to note that Chiedumaga’s Mum passed on a year before his ordination as a clergy. His dad however didn’t help matters as he joined his wife shortly after a few years, they didn’t wait to reap the fruit of their labour.

Chiedumaga because he was determined to succeed, persevered and accomplished his dream as the priest he anticipated to be.

That however was with trials, temptations, tranquilities, Chiedumaga kept up his fate but there are three things that happened to this son of the soil that made me come to terms really with the “Igbo saying that “Aha onye na edu ya”

First was a robbery attack in the vineyard where he was so many years back, he was said to have been called up from his sleep by a substle voice probably his guardian angel; who said “Chiedumaga,rise and leave your room for your life”. He rose from his bed, took up his rosary and his bible and left through his back door. Less than 10mins after he left his humble and quiet abode,  came gun shots raining all over, with gun pellets here and there.

The hoodlums headed for his room, calling his name to open his doors, but when he wasn’t forth coming, they broke open his garage; siphoned the fuel from his lovely car then and used it to set the building ablaze thinking he was in there.

After which they left unfulfilled. He came out from the thick bush where he sought refuge only to see his house in rubbles; it was then it doned on him that “CHIEDUYAAGA REALLY” He couldn’t but bow down in awe to God for sparing his life because  he actually escaped death by whiskers.

Two years after the mayhem, he suffered partial stroke, which couldn’t be traced to any health defect of his. People came up with illusions that it was caused by ill fated people but he dismissed all that probably because he is a clergy. This said illness defiled all medical attentions and expertise, such that his siblings and kinsmen gave up on his recuperating fully from that ill health.

After spending a month in the hospital, a beautiful day came when on his sick bed, a strange nurse came in told him that he will be fine shortly, she left after giving him some drugs to take immediately and a few others to take for a few more days. Chiedumaga pondered over who she was and where she has been all these while he has been bed-ridden; because he just kept getting better and better per hour, to the amazement of his siblings, Drs, Nurses, & Clergies who know how sick he was. When he narrated how his healing started after the visit of the nurse, efforts to trace the identity of the said nurse proved abortive as that was another arch-angel on a rescue mission.

Eventually he was discharged from the hospital in less than a week after the angel’s visit. He went home happily with no traces of the stroke he suffered; to the glory of God.

Finally recently he suffered another life threatening illment per say that left him in coma for weeks, he was under a life support machine battling with life after his meal was said to be poisoned by a devil’s advocate on a mission in the vineyard. He went into coma after the meal but was salvaged by the effort of his neighbor who rushed him to the hospital. All his vital organs failed because they were weakened by the effect of the poison. After a month plus in one of the specialist hospitals around his vicinity  another mind blowing miracle happened. His late mother appeared in a trance to one of the Chiedumaga’s siblings and adviced her to just get to the hospital where his brother was, and just make sure that, that his name CHIEDUMAGA is been called holding his hands reminding him too that he hasn’t completed his mission on earth. Though in coma, and speechless  CHIEDUMAGA stirred into their eyes each time his miraculous name was mentioned.

Friends, his healing came from just that, his name became the PANACEA to his failed organs, and his detoriated state of health. He is hale & hearty now, waxing very strong in the Lord’s vineyard.

One thing is certain here,Onye chi ya na egbughi,ô dighi ihe mmadú ô búla ga eme ya”.


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