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August 16, 2018


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· Signs and symptoms of Hypertension

At, times hypertension is Asymptomatic, comes without signs, that is why it is called a silent killer, some people will even have stroke – CVA before knowing  before knowing that they are hypertensive.

At times the signs and symptoms are mistaken to be signs and symptoms of other diseases like malaria, typhoid etc.

some of the cardinal signs and symptoms includes:

· severe headache, which does not  subside with taking Analgesics.

· Sleeplessness (insomnia)

Some clients complain of sleeplessness or waking up earlier in between sleeps and cannot sleep again until day breaks.

· Dizziness/Extreme weakness

Occasionally, dizzy feels like fainting as if  the world is going round, feels like falling while walking or standing, extreme weakness increases, more on climbing heights like steps or walking long distance, not comfortable to do activities of daily living.

· Occasional black outs, at times

· Amnesia (ie loss of memory).

· Palpitations

· Redness of tiny blood vessels of the eyes, leading to .poor vision

· Difficulty in breathing, especially while lying flat on the bed without pillow.

Complications of high Blood Pressure (B/P)

Hypertension affects the whole body system because it is a systemic disease, some of the major complications are:

· Heart failure

The heart, will not work normal and this could lead to heart blockage, characterized by inability to do activities of daily living, extreme weakness, decreased sexual performance, pedal oedema that pits on pressure.

· Hypertensive Retinopathy

These manifest with internal bleeding in the eyes and other changes that can lead to poor vision.


This is inflammation of the liver, person complaints of right sided chest/abdominal pains.

· Central nervous system complications (CVA)

Hypertension can cause Aneurism, this is as a result of narrowing and ballooning of blood vessels of the brain due to blockage, this occurs, mainly at the arteries supplying the brain with blood (Circles of willis) the arteries can burst, leading to internal bleeding that is cardio-vascular Accident (CVA) stroke.  This is in emergency situation.

· Management of hypertension

Management involves three steps

· Prevention, which is said is better than cure

· Early diagnosis

· Control/treatment

In prevention, have positive orientation, see above, the predisposing causes of hypertension and avoid them. See Ph. 4:8. Anything that is good, loving, true, pleasant think about it. Avoid caffeine intakes, rather take decaffeinated caffeine, avoid cigarette and alcohol intakes.

·           In early diagnosis, seek medical care, constant checking of blood pressure at least 3 times in a week


Hypertension is controlled not treated, if you have hypertension you have it, see your doctor, for your Anti-hypertensive drugs, take your drugs as prescribe by your doctor, don’t abuse drugs, always remember to be taking your maintenance drugs, because hypertension is not treated once, lets it will rebounded and you have crises.  Avoid caffeine intakes rather take decaffeinated caffeine avoid cigarette smoking and alcohol intakes, take adequate nutrition etc.

Beloved, health is wealth, participate in your health promotion and maintenance to have longevity, which God promised us in John 10:   that he have come to give us life and give it abundantly.  And this will be our portion in Jesus Name Amen.



Lady Lilian Ijeoma Anyanwu
Health Educator
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