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August 16, 2018

Managing Stress

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No matter what we do we can’t avoid stress, it’s all around us in our personal lives and in our work lives. Stress in itself is not bad as it can motivate us to do things, the problem is when it all starts to mount up and gets more than we can cope with, becoming chronic stress. As it would then start to affect our health, relationships and well being.

After a reported budget of 1.9bn being spent in preparing for the Olympics, there was much disappointment in many quarters when no medals were achieved in the main Olympics. There had been some hopefuls going into the games, particularly in women’s track events, basketball and taekwondo, unfortunately the medals did not materialise  It was compared to the 2008 Olympics in Seoul when Nigeria did not gain any medals.

There was more to cheer about in the Paralympic games where the power lifting athletes gained 4 gold medals and 3 silver medals.  This resulted in the athletes being given a hero’s reception on return to Nigeria, having restored the pride of their fellow Nigerians.

Involvement in sport starts for most at a young age, so it is the combined responsibility of parents, the education system and the government to facilitate this. Much research has shown the benefits to children when participating in sports, some of them are enhancement in academics, relationship building and reducing the risk of obesity.

The government’s role is to:

  • Provide funds in their budget for sporting facilities and venues.
  • Form partnerships with business to enable the employment of key support staff, who will be invested in by continual training.
  • Fund programs to enable children and adults to participate and excel in their chosen sport disciplines.

With the backing of the government, the education system can make sport a priority on the curriculum in line with other areas covered. Parents need to take the time to support their children by enrolling them in sports programs and ensuring they attend, better still where possible, participate in playing sport with them to sow the seeds.

Creating a nation of good athletes takes money, time and effort, it does not happen overnight. Nations that have paid mind to this have seen great rewards in the performance of their athletes, at the Olympics and in many other sporting events the world over.

So how will the Nigerian athletes fare in Rio 2016. Hopefully if some of the mentioned changes take place better than last year, with the view to continue to progress even further in the years to come.


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