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August 19, 2018


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“When Yahweh delivered Zion from bondage we were like in a dream. Then our mouths were filled with laughter and our tongues with shouts of joy. Then it was said among the nations “The Lord had done great things for us and we rejoiced”. Restore our fortunes O Lord!  Like the waters in the Negeb. May those who sow in tears reap with shouts of joy. Those who go out weeping bearing the seed for sowing shall come home with shouts of joy carrying their sheaves!” (Psalm 126: 1-6)


SO FAR NOT BAD: Every right thinking Nigerian who cares to reflect over the matter at hand would sadly weep for our dear country if Ebola had attacked Nigeria like it did Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea. The consequences would be unimaginable. But whatever the case may be, however bright the atmosphere may look for the nation Nigeria, for many years to come most Nigerians entering or leaving American or most European borders must be prepared for a lot of embarrassing situations and scenarios.

Among tough border control measures being put in place by those government customs officials include placing West African travelers in quarantine to prevent Europeans and Americans contracting Ebola disease. And Nigeria is a West African country – Ebola free or not!

News reaching Nigeria from the Diaspora reports panic among Nigerians intending to visit loved ones during this Christmas season. Some, it has been reported, have cancelled their flight tickets or put off their plans to return home “till conditions improve or their host countries change their policies”. This is not good news for any Nigerian.

Let’s take a look at some more sensitive areas.



Nigerians who troupe out of the country everyday were so hysterical about the Nigerian Ebola Free status. Who could have imagined the amount of ‘discrimination’ (worse than that of a slave and a leper) Nigerians travelling to Europe, America and Asia would be suffering in the hands of those nations’ customs officials!

It has become a worthy aspiration of most Nigerian families that at least one of their loved ones, boy or girl should be assisted to gain entrance into a new world, in fact a paradisiacal state or region, where necessities of life are found in abundance. In Nigeria, it seems that resources have diminished so dramatically that survival has become difficult, if not impossible. Most of the resources with which Nigeria has been blessed, natural, human and material, have either been brutally vandalized, mismanaged, stolen, or have not even been tapped. The situation started to deteriorate mostly after the Nigerian civil war in the early 1970s.

Since the periods of military coups till the early years of the restoration of the so-called democratic rule, the economic life of the nation has taken a dramatic downturn. One type of ‘Austerity Measure’ followed the other. Each was invented by the corrupt government officials and leaders, and fashioned to leave Nigerians masses in a perpetual bondage of poverty.  At least the scheme succeeded in breaking the people’s will to survive. Many who are unable to sponsor a trip to India or elsewhere for medical attention actually die daily from minor and major ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, severe headache, and even running stomach. Educational, medical and most economic institutions have broken down and have remained in a state of disrepair.

Austerity is refrain that people employ to bring home to anyone who cares, what has become the tragedy of the Nigerian nation. The rapid deterioration from the former state of prosperity to the present state of poverty and misery is really stunning. Many families who used to dine sumptuously now find a square meal almost impossible. They would not fold their hands while their loved ones die of hunger and frustration.

There are some options. Education is the key to success. But there is no employment, if you succeed in getting a degree in science or arts! Begin a business in ‘buying and selling’. The commodities are not there. There are no local foodstuff or they are very costly. There are no farmers. The villages have been deserted. Young men roam the street capitals and major cities. Almost everything is imported from overseas, including Benin Republic, Cameroon, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea. Some of the commodities are garri, banana, rice, zinc, articles of used clothing, shoes, hand bags, tooth picks, palm oil and so on.

But money can be acquired through hard work or fraud. It is not always possible to survive in Nigeria. Why not give it a trial elsewhere outside Nigeria? Many have done it and succeeded.  Take a plunge! Dive deep into the deeper waters. A catch can be overwhelming and will no doubt gladden the heart!   Young Nigerians, male and female are found all over the world, most recently many more in their thousands in South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and every remote part of Europe and South America.

Their sufferings in these places bring home the uncertain and turbulent future facing most Nigerian youths today, at home and in Diaspora. The search for greener pastures outside Nigeria has intensified in the past decades, when in fact luxuriant and unexplored ones are laying waste at home, is a cause for concern and as well, time for sober reflection on the part of Nigeria’s political leaders.

Many Nigerians, together with foreigners think that it is awful living in Nigeria. The fact that the Exodus of Nigerians, young and old from their fatherland has continued unabated proves that the situation has continued to deteriorate. Nigerians migrate to many remote parts of the world in search of greener pastures, when luxuriant ones are left to rot away at home. But that is only part of the story. Even in their ‘New-found-homes’ and ‘Promised land’, Nigerians don’t feel comfortable or welcome. They must suffer a lot of discrimination and humiliation in the hands of the police and ordinary people who don’t like their presence in their country. Something has terribly gone wrong. There is no place to hide. Now with the ‘Ebola saga’ supposing Nigeria was not declared ‘Ebola free’ what would have been the fate of NIGERIANS in Diaspora and those wishing to join their comrades elsewhere abroa?

Usually subjected to extra discriminatory and senseless searches at American and European airport, seaports and other crossing boarders it would be so hard for most Nigerians to tolerate an extra ‘Ebola test!’ What a hell? So one can understand the deliverance song: “When Yahweh delivered Zion from bondage……..?



Supposing Nigeria was not Ebola free? Don’t think about it my friend! That would be a catastrophe for Nigeria. We have been living in a tragic situation and Ebola  would have complicated the matter and it would have become a nightmare for Nigeria – a tragedy to catastrophe! Check it.

The Boko Haram insurgency in the Northern Nigeria together with the kidnapping of the Chibok girls has already identified Nigeria as a dangerous region of the world that may not be visited by crazy western tourists. It is even known today that Boko Haramists have links with the world’s most dreaded Islamic sect called ISIS, fighting tooth and to rule the world, cut off heads and limbs of all “non believers”, including fellow Arabs, Muslims, Americans and the entire Western nations of the world. According to the most reliable information so far Nigerian Boko Haram is more fanatical, more dangerous, most uncompromising and most determined to conquer its own declared enemy than their counterparts elsewhere. If Ebola nightmare adds to Boko Haram insurgency wither Nigeria?

To be contd.


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