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July 18, 2018

Nudity: An Assignment For Mothers (2)

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What is Nudity?

Nudity is referred to as a state of being naked. Nakedness here originated from creation when there was no sin. The first man and woman lived in the Garden of Eden naked without knowing that they were naked. This is because there were no sins. According to Genesis 2:23 and 3:7, “In the beginning, man and woman were made naked. All God created were good so nudity was not frowned at.

Later, the issue of dressing became necessary and highly cherished after the man sinned and fell apart. The knowledge and ability to choose between good and evil came to the man after he ate the forbidden fruit (Gen. 2:17). The Bible further explained that his eyes were opened and he realized that he was naked and started to find something to cover his nakedness. Thus, the need for dressing arose. Before God intervened, Adam the man, had made clothes for himself and the wife using leaves of plants (Gen. 3:7). It was observed that the need for wearing dresses became inevitable. This was shown by God when He made clothes for Adam and Eve from animal skin.

Dressing is to cover our nakedness but civilization has a great impact on dressing. Man has been made to think of different dressing codes for different weather conditions as well as responding to hot and cold weather, dressing code for people’s culture and cultural activities, occupations as well as feeling or thinking of what to wear to look nice and beautiful. Lower animals do not partake in the above mentioned influences of civilization on dressing. That is why in Gen. 1:26-27 and Gen. 2:7, it was said that dressing differentiates us greatly from lower animals which do not have souls.

Civilization has made man’s knowledge on dressing to develop gradually from creation till today. Presently, man uses clothes cross cultures. The world now has been turned into a global village resulting in the intervention of mass media which among others include internet, satellite dishes, GSM, computer and television. Dressing has taken a new shape across cultures in our modern day. The saying that our children learn by imitation has greatly manifested and taken a new shape in their dressing code.

Nowadays, taste is the emphasis. People now dress according to their tastes, type of occupation, self image or self worth, culture and religion. The ideal situation in this demands that fear of God must come first whenever we want to dress-up for any occasion – be it for Church service, school, market, party, funeral and cultural display.

These days what is in vogue among the youth and even some mothers is the displaying of parts of their bodies in the name of dressing. In the case of men in particular, they have taken joy in displaying their powerful arms, broad shoulders, hairy chests, thin waists and stout looking legs. The young and unmarried females derive joy in displaying their smooth skins, slender arms and feet, flat tummy, broad and full hips, full breasts among others. They derive joy in wearing skimpy and skinny clothes which expose their body parts as well as wearing transparent dresses without under wears. Many people sheepishly follow  fashion. Those that ignore it are termed village people and ‘mugus’.

The youth is the engine oil that greases every society and they are being targeted by many industries particularly fashion industry. Majority of them are adolescents who experience great storm and stress. Most of their bevaviours always look as if they want to destroy the society but it is not their target. Their target is what they want. It is the mother, who can, to a great extent, influence these behavioural traits of the adolescents whether the child acknowledges it or not. The mother should always ensure that the child’s dressing attracts blessings and praises than curses.

Effects of Nudity:

  1. The society sees any nude person as irresponsible and Godless.
  2. It depicts total loss or complete reduction of one’s love for God.
  3. It lures one into sexual irresponsibility thereby encouraging rape, spread of AIDS an other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).
  4. Nudity promotes unwanted pregnancy. Some babies resulting from this are taken to motherless babies’ home for care. Some of the babies are aborted during pregnancy. In the course of this abortion, the womb may be damaged leading to serious problem that may result to death of the mother. Such type of pregnancy is always experiencing complications due to lack of care leading to maternal/infant mortality.
  5. A child, who dresses indecently gradually joins bad groups of human beings, indulges in social vices such as prostitution, kidnapping, robbery, arson, etc.
  6. Nudity leads to failure in examination. For instance, in Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education (AIFCE), Owerri, students who dress indecently are ordered out of exam halls for them to go and dress well before they could be allowed back into the exam hall. By the time they could come back, the exam has ended. It is not only in examinations that indecent dressing is punishable; others are in attendance of interviews, business or work. This failure might result in frustration which may lead them into enrolment in secret cults.

Are the above conditions good for our children? Mothers particularly Catholic Women Organization let us sit up and do our work of ensuring for proper dressing of our children. Goals of parenting are turning children’s hearts to God (Deut. 6:49). When their hearts are turned to God, they will dress decently the way it pleases Him.


Mothers’ role in curbing nudity

Based on the above discussion, the following are expected of our mothers in proffering solutions to the problem of nudity.

  1. Mothers should use different administrative leadership styles in their child rearing; particularly to stamp on the issues that will make the child not lose God’s friendship. Start from the cradle so that the child will grow with it.
  2. Show the child the photograph you snapped him/her when tender. Tell him that you started dressing him well since birth. The child should be made to know that he/she is under the control of the mother and not the other way round.
  3. It is the role of mothers (CWO) to make child know that he is special and unique to God’s eyes. Wearing of miniskirts, skinny pants, transparent wears without under wears are not the child’s portion.
  4. Do not correct the child in anger. When your emotion is high, try to arrest it by maintaining self-control. Use gentle approach to find out certain things from the child.
  5. Mothers (CWO) are to make the child know how God made clothes with skins of animals for Adam and Eve in the Bible. Identify how God cherishes adequate dressing; in that way, they are bound to dress well to please God in order to attract His blessings. The words of the Bible in Psalm 107:2 observed that “the child should be made to know that God’s ways are loaded with blessings and benefits”.
  6. Mothers (CWO) should always identify and solve the needs of their children first before solving their own personal needs.
  7. The baton of adequate training for dressing for solving the problem of nudity should be made to reach our children, grand children and great grand children through our mothers.
  8. Catholic Women Organization should always organize Catholic seminars for our youths based on proper dressing.
  9. It is the duty of every parent to ensure the child’s adequate participation in Church activities.


Nudity is a state of complete nakedness and indecent dressing that exposes some parts of the body. Adequate dressing is a must. Children of God need to set a pace by dressing well always, see our God as the first to be pleased, and who showers us with His blessings when adequate behaviours manifest from us. The above is mostly achieved through the able efforts of our mothers in training their children.

When the above is effectively implemented, the resultant effect is a better society.




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