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August 18, 2018

France to help Nigeria crush Boko Haram – Germany, Canada too

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France has pledged to support and work with the Federal Government until Boko Harm is totally crushed.

Also, Germany and Canada expressed readiness to closely work with Nigeria to address insurgency and other security concerns in the country.

French ambassador to Nigeria, Denya Gauer, stated this when he paid a visit to President-elect Gen. Mohamadu Buhari in Abuja.

According to Daily Sun, Gauer hailed the election of Gen. Buhari and assured that France was ready to work with his government to eliminate Boko Haram.  He said there was no looking back in finding an end to insurgency in Nigeria.

“We will continue to work with Nigeria to eliminate insurgency in Nigeria”, the envoy pledged.

He said that France was looking forward to strengthening its bilateral relations with Nigeria on a number of areas, including military co-operation.

Gauer disclosed that France has already extended an invitation to Gen. Buhari on a state visit after his inauguration on May 29 to discuss some critical issues.

Reviewing efforts made so far by France in tackling Boko Haram and insurgency challenges in the country, the ambassador said his country facilitated sub-regional security meeting of ECOWAS in Paris some years ago.

According to him, the meeting helped in articulating strategies that must be followed in combating and winning the insurgency war in Nigeria.

Asked why France has been slow at assisting Nigeria tackle Boko Haram insurgency, the envoy said this was not true and recalled that France initiated meetings that culminated to the regional joint operation against the Islamist sect.

Meanwhile, the ambassadors of Germany and Canada, Michael Zenner and Perry John Calderwood who also paid a visit to Gen. Bughari said their countries were ready to work with Nigeria on diverse interests, especially on security.

They were however not specific on the type of services they want to offer in addressing security concerns in Nigeria.


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