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August 19, 2018


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Rochas Anayo Okorocha is still on Trial! His political aspiration is bright if he understands now and well what it takes to add the title “Great” to his name. The man is ambitious and willing to fight and lead NDIGBO. Political affiliation has no place in the mission and project.

When I told one of my closest friends about the present write-up, which I intended to get published in Nigerian newspapers and on the Internet; he was so happy and encouraged me to go ahead. He suggested the above title – “Rochas Anayo Okorocha Exposed”. But I was not comfortable with the title and protested, “No! I don’t want to castigate the governor. No I don’t want to mess up my governor! I have no such intention please!” My friend insisted: “No!  Don’t misunderstand me. I personally mean no evil, but I assure you this is the best caption that would attract many readers to your topic…..” he added.  “Don’t you know Rochas has many enemies, not less among his political opponents, even among his own people who claim they had not benefitted from his government. Some claim he took their land without compensation…..and stuff”. I was not  interested in such political animosities, agitations and name calling, I told my friend.

I would have published this same write-up earlier than now but stopped a while because I thought honestly this would fall into the hands of his numerous enemies and damage his chances of re-election. But now the elections  have come and gone and Rochas has been re-elected, it is right to re-visit my book – ROCHAS REVOLUTION…..Leadership By Example ( Copyright@2012 Nathaniel Ndiokwere – American Edition & Nigerian Edition), which Rochas and his officers made sure was not shown to the public. Only  God could read their minds!!

For those who don’t know me, I am a Catholic priest of Orlu diocese, Nigeria and before undertaking my book project had never met Rochas personally but had heard a lot about him especially that he is a well known philanthropist, kind hearted man interested in education and rights of the poor. As the prominent opponent of Ikedi Ohakim those days, most Imolites considered Rochas a “messiah” destined to liberate Ndigbo from the present political and economic predicament,  slavery and disunity and then lead this unfortunate race to the Promised Land! Look at what Ndigbo, Biafrans, have suffered in history ………pogroms, genocide, dispossession of their properties and isolation. Look at the number of vibrant and intelligent Igbo youths dying and languishing in jail in many miserable countries many times poorer than the Igbo nation! They are not welcome anywhere in Nigeria. They are not loved in spite of their contributions to development all over the world….people with great stamina and intellect!

I believed fanatically the man they called Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha was the right man at the right moment. I became Rochas man; Rochas fanatic and truly infatuated and intoxicated with everything ROCHAS. So many Imolites (even Catholic clergy, who never cared about politics, came out openly en masse to make sure Rochas was elected governor of Imo state on whichever party platform! For the first time in the history of Nigerian politics (I need to be corrected), the slogan changed ‘Vote for personality and not party! It worked!

To make sure the Rochas, the choice of the people, picked up the momentum and danced the right music tune, I contributed to Imo Radio News Talks, newspaper write-ups, urging Rochas to ride on and never look behind. He was to convince the Imolites and the world that he is different from the rest of Nigerian politicians…..

In an uncontrollable frenzy I embarked on my book ROCHAS REVOLUTION! It was a real revolution because the man was behaving like a prophet of the old, tearing and pulling down and setting records unseen anywhere in Nigerian leadership and political scenario. I continued urging Rochas never to relent, never to mind those calling him names because he demolished illegal structures and stuff!

In the United States I published the AMERICAN EDITION of ROCHAS REVOLUTION. Back home in 2012/2013 I took two copies of my book (both the American and Nigerian editions) to Rochas Okorocha at his home village Ogboko. At that first meeting the following dialogue ensured:  (Fr. Ndiokwere) “Sir, you are Rochas….I am sure you don’t know me and this is the first time I am meeting you…. I have brought you copies of the book I have written about you….You may like it…. (Rochas) taking one of the books and glancing over asked excitedly:  “Has it been launched? I answered “Of course no. It is for you. Do what you want with it.” He continued “I will go through it…..(called one of his personal assistants), collect the books and present them to me when we get back home….”



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