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July 16, 2018


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If I were Rochas Anayo Okorocha …….

Immediately Rochas was confirmed governor of Imo state after the re-run of the so called ‘inconclusive elections’ in 2011 I set out writing news talks advising the governor in my little capacity as a compatriot, lover of Ndigbo and Rochas fanatic what he should do. “Now that the elections had been won and lost……Which Way Forward? History will never change as one would ask right now April 25th 2015!! Hear me……That was in 2011. I reproduce some of my “recommendations” then…..

  1. If I were Owelle Okoroocha, I would capitalize on the overwhelming support and love I have received from the people, young and old, elite and commoners from Owerri, Orlu, Okigwe, and Igbos and non Igbos far and wide to accomplish the “Unthinkable!” The “Unthinkable” stands for “Faithfulness.” It stands too for the fulfillment of election promises, even down to a tiny percentage of each declaration of intent.
  2. The “Free Education” should not be pursued in such a way that it becomes a burden that is unbearable for the government to effectively manage.  If it becomes burdensome, enemies will laugh and feel vindicated, for they never believed it could be possible.
  3. A “Master Plan” for the development of Orlu and Okigwe townships is overdue. The past administrations woefully ignored this all-important development of these two zones of Imo state. Work on the project must begin soon.
  4. The provision of Health Care services may have to include reconstruction of existing and dilapidated hospital structures, equipping them to meet reasonable standards. There ought to be no need for Nigerians to travel to India and Pakistan for health reasons!
  5. Employment opportunities for thousands of our youths have to be gradually created. Priority attention may have to be given to “Imo Area Boys.” They loved Owelle and voted massively for their governor. The Okada people love Owelle and look towards him for succour! The security problem will take care of itself!
  6. If I were Anayo Okorocha, I would give as my first priority, attention to Imo workers. I would begin by wiping away tears from the faces of thousands of unpaid Imo workers and pensioners. These individuals have suffered long in abject poverty.  Many died travelling up and down for their pensions.  No one cared for them.  The “Messiah” has finally arrived. Owelle is the one to say to the “bereaved”, sorry!  Stop weeping!  I have heard your cries.
  7. Many rural roads are in a mess! Where will our governor begin? Somewhere, of course.

Part two of our Open Letter had to do with “extra cares” and “commitments.”

  1. If I were Owelle, I would select only men and women who are as honest, trustworthy, kind and committed to the task at hand as our able governor. Their anti corruption slogan must become infectious in Imo state.
  2. No corrupt fellow should be found in the government cabinet led by Owelle Rochas.  Those selected to help Owelle must like Caesar’s wife be above suspicion.  They should do the unthinkable, surrender some percentage of their salaries and remunerations to state government coffers to help execute charitable projects in Imo State.  The masses will shout with jubilation!  They will go wild with joy!
  3. Priests and the Church leaders do not play politics, but they certainly do know what happens in politics. Please, Owelle, you are a man of integrity. Your friends and foes say you are PDP politician in flesh and blood.  But you are now APGA.  Please do not decamp and abandon your people in the cold. Truly Imo people voted for you, not caring about strict party affiliation.  They voted for Owelle, and perhaps too for THE COCK (OKE OKPA).  They know what the symbol stands for today as well as in the olden days.
  4. If I were Owelle I would listen to a group of learned and thoughtful leaders of Igbo extraction debate this party issue. Hear them: “We want Owelle to remain a frontline Igbo leader, in the footsteps of Ikemba Nnewi, Chief Odimegwu Ojukwu and Nnamdi Azikiwe, Owelle of Onitsha!  He, Rochas should make APGA a formidable party in the South East, like ACN in the West and CPC in the North, Owelle should gradually get his counterparts in ENUGU, ABIA, ANAMBRA AND EBONYI to embrace APGA, the party of their political forebears.”
  5. Most enlightened Nigerians, North and South, East and West categorically do not approve of the ONE PARTY SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT IN NIGERIA, where political aspirants always join the Winning Party! They yearn to see honest democracy in action.
  6. Owelle, hear this finally: Imo people, young and old insist that they stand and swim with you as long as you are God fearing, kind, incorruptible and morally upright. They will follow you wherever you are going as long as you are not a con man, crook (by their fruits they are known), not a liar, not a 419’er, not devious.
  7. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” That is a well known Christian prayer. Most good people of Imo state hope that Owelle will forgive his “enemies.”  Speaking of those who worked hard, fought like wounded lions to frustrate the ideals and goals of the people’s revolution.  Let Owelle “embarrass” them with good gestures, in word and deed!
  8. Finally, the people who played a major role in your election, the masses of Imolites, continued to say they were behind you. “Anyi kwu gi na azu!”  Will Owelle say, No?  The ball is in your court!



Shakespeare said in Julius Caesar that ‘ambition is made of sterner stuff’. It simply means that ambition by itself does not get a job done. It must be combined with determination, perseverance, and a passion to get the job done well. Another anonymous writer says ‘power corrupts…absolute power corrupts absolutely. It seemed Rochas did not like the introduction stuff at the page one of my book: Take a look!

“To our numerous friends who are not familiar with Imo state and Nigeria, it may be necessary to introduce the man we appraise in our book….Rochas Anayo Okorocha is the present governor of Imo state….Okorocha took up office as governor after the 2011 elections in Nigeria, and has been in the limelight of Nigerian politics since early 2007 when he contested for the presidency in 2007 but dropped out in the primaries….As a politician of an Igbo extraction, and ex-Biafran, coming from the secessionist region  that fought Nigeria in the 1967-70 civil war, Rochas could not have clinched the highest political office in Nigeria, in spite of his popularity among other Nigerian ethnic groups, North, West and South of the nation……”.

Most Imolites and Nigerians who know Rochas ambition maintain that the man has his eye on the presidency! Wow! Let us watch! There is nothing wrong with ambition. It is positively a virtue. But is your ambition realizable?

If “Onyigbo” (see and read too “Ndigbo”) will become the president of the Nigerian nation, come ‘when’, there is no need to quarrel over the issue now or even be skeptical. If Ndigbo politicians will occupy the offices of ambassadors, Senate president, House of Representatives and Houses of Assemblies at whatever levels in Nigeria, we must examine the performances of those who had been offered such opportunities in the past. How many of them, dead and alive had exhibited “Biafran spirit” during their tenures? How have Igbo leaders who have served in high offices in both federal and state level helped to advance the progress and aspirations of NDIGBO?

My friends who read my book ROCHAS REVOLUTION told me Rochas did not like those introductory remarks. Another, a sworn enemy of the governor told me “Rochas must be disappointed with my suggestion in no 3, first part of my write-up above! Telling him not to decamp from APGA was a joke, my friend said! They always decamp and join ‘the winning party ten times a day, he maintained.  I agreed. They are reckless politicians, but I added: “But that was only a suggestion I made…..Rochas, if he were a good leader, a fair player in a game, must not take up arms against anyone that did not agree with him in an argument. Good leaders are never vindictive. They must show maturity and understanding, I maintained.




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