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August 19, 2018


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“Obstinate” simply means refusing to change behavior or ideas; perversely adhering to an opinion, purpose or course in spite of reason, arguments or persuasion. When we battle with our ambitions and vices we try normally not to allow the vices to outweigh the virtues. Credible leaders of the people – political and traditional -must always listen to the voice of reason and listen to the admonitions, counsels of the elders.


When the devastations arising from Rochas infrastructural and road projects in many parts of Imo state, including new and uncompleted projects reached very ugly proportions many Rochas lovers undertook goodwill protest missions to some well known elders of Ideator, Rochas own people, pleading with them to approach Rochas and tell him “to bite as much as he can chew”, I heard one of the elders summarized the situation this way: “There is not much we can do again….we have told him to stop several times…this guy doesn’t listen to anybody, he is too obstinate…..we can’t  flog him….he has absolute power…..Another added: “It is clear he doesn’t hear…Moreover he is ‘onye aghrigha’ (reckless, unorganized”…..He begins one structure today…uncompleted ….he starts another and abandons it half-way…!!!)



Not on account of his popularity. No! Not out of love as for those who voted for him. He won primarily because most Imolites have been frustrated with the state of affairs in Imo politics. They maintained that Rochas should be voted for….simply to continue and see to the completion of some of the projects he started. The “Imo Youth Must Work” group maintained they had not been paid salaries and their status had not been confirmed 2 years after deployment? Is it true?

There are too many unrealizable promises. Why send Imo youths to Turkey and Greece ? To learn business management ? Which businesses? Where are the factories located? What of power to operate the machines?

There is nothing for Rochas to celebrate. There is no need for banners. The margin of win between APC and PDP in the last election is not much, sure evidence that most of the Imolites are not happy with Rochas. If PDP had not been categorized as “Money-sharing-party”….if they had presented a more formidable candidate, they could have grabbed power at the Douglas House! Rochas may not know that he has so many real enemies. Some ‘protest voters’ simply grumbled: “stay there….Continue…to whom are you going to hand over these ugly unfinished projects….for better , for worse, we want you to continue. Maybe the Lord will hear our prayers and our governor will listen and bring his projects to glorious end…..

There is no doubt that many enlightened Imo youths fought against Rochas aggressively on the web and campaigned openly for his downfall in the polls. In my several attempts to appeal to many youths to be fair in their judgments’, I made more bitter enemies. Many critics of Rochas told me openly I was crazy supporting a man I did not know. How?  I argued, perhaps sheepishly and blindly? I questioned them to tell me how much public fund Rochas has embezzled (my yard stick for assessing Nigerian leaders and politicians?). One of the many anti-Rochas vanguards simply concluded, “Father, forget this matter. You will not understand…” They may be right! There are many other criteria for judging success, good leadership and good governance as a whole.



What did I not understand initially? Perhaps it is time now for deep reflection, especially on the part of the ruling government of APC. Rochas has not failed in his rescue mission. He still has a lot to do. The free education project has many dents. Most of the wonderful school buildings are not completed. Most of the classroom furniture are of poor quality and will not last. A close look at the QUALITY, not only QUANTITY of education in Nigeria as whole is imperative. EXPO aka EXAMINATION MALPRACTIVE has ruined education in Nigeria. This is a catastrophe. Free education must not replace hard work and integrity

The embarked-upon and un-finished road projects are too many to mention. Poor road construction materials being used by the so-called contractors must be addressed by the present administration. It is weird seeing rural and urban roads constructed two months ago developing potholes at the first downpour. It is heart-breaking and waste of tax-payers’ money. One well-constructed one-kilometer-road is better than one hundred poorly finished and un-maintained ones.

A God-sent leader, as ‘messiah’ will climb to any amiable height, rule from seas to sea without any opposition, and rarely stumbles provided he listens to the counsel of the ancients “Ana esi n’ulo mara mma apu ama….” (charity begins at home…) “Aso Rock 2019? “ Dream or reality? But the most important question: “Elections won and lost….which way forward?”  “Ambition is made of sterner stuff”. Whither Imo State?



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