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August 19, 2018

Religious disarmament and the deluge of evil

The Emergence and Proscription of the Indigenous People of Biafra
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The world we live in is changing at alarming speed and we are all frightened and breathless trying to catch up with the trends.

In South Africa, Adultery has been legalized, farther in Asia, Japan has decreed that Adultery is legal if it is done in furtherance of a business interest whilst in Germany, Incest has become legalized and siblings can now have sex and children together. In America, gay marriage has been legalized; meaning that same sex can live together as husbands and wives in a legal union recognized by the state.

What is clear under these circumstances, is that we have grown tolerant of  the assault on our moral conscience and acquiesced to our collective disarmament, whether as Christians, Muslims, Buddhists or as pagans.

These developments have only been made possible because of the impactful western media and the educational system that has kicked religion out of the schools, making it possible for our controlled minds to be conditioned to accept the strange phenomenon of same sex marriage.

These changes were made by constitutional courts and National ethic councils of these Nation states without regard to the religious sensibilities of the masses.

These are attacks on religion under the guise of libertarianism with little or no opposition from good men. It is a shameless demoralization, a senseless attack on our way of life and the integrity of the human culture, and civilization.

Our universal culture anchored on human morality and the beliefs in one God remains challenged by those who degrade our statutes in pursuit of pleasure and sensationalism; and why not when we have abandoned our duties to our communities left in the hands of morally challenged persons.

Why is the world coming to such decadent, systemic and odoriferous miasma?

Is God dead?

If not, why does he permit such perplexing, dizzying degradation in a beautiful world which he had created?

Why does God permit so much suffering in the world, the propagation of anarchist agenda, by the seemly overcoming force of evil? Why does God permit the decimation of Christians in the North East Nigeria by some people in his name? Why should any man fight for God and in his name destroy women , children, villages, towns and cities and all around us are the debris of ruins and destruction in the name of God? More frightening is the fact that our opposition to evil is one of feeble indifference.

This is why America under Obama has witnessed an orgasmic moral deterioration. Everything has been questioned, including the existence of God, religion, morality, Christianity, human sexuality, Islam, and other world religions as humanism triumphs.

Obama has done so much for American interests which justifies the legalization of same sex marriage; so why not say yes to gay rights and legality? So we did. Or they did. It is now okay for bearded men to   kiss in public, sleep together and in future, adopt straight children who are likely to be abused.

These developments speak of the unscrupulous character of evil men, selfishness, and greed for sensualism, the rot of utilitarianism, unhindered democracy and rabid capitalism.

The influences that made it possible for these adverse global developments in Europe, America and Asia to take place are taking shape in Nigeria as our decision making infrastructures and political development have been gradually taken over by vested groups and cults. Other than that, the quality of our moral character are daily eroded by a permissive society that has a high tolerance for dishonesty, sexual immorality, poor business ethics,  a bashful attachment to consumptive materialism and rogue appetite for the public purse.

The system of governance in Nigeria is directed towards wrongful appropriations, corruption, and character assassination, and banditry, willful disobedience of court orders, executive recklessness and press censorship.

No one is in politics to serve except in limited exceptions. They are all there for the primitive acquisition of wealth for whatever it takes.  These are men without integrity who look down at you for your shabby clothes, and poverty and pretend their adornments and perfumery would hide the miasma of their moral poverty.

These evil cuts across the poor and the struggling people. Recently I had as unpleasant experience at orlu. I went to the ATM to draw some money and found myself behind three teens, a middle aged woman, a pensioner and just before me an old man with a face as if drawn in pain. I watched teen #1 hit the button smartly in four attempts and went away with 80K followed by the other teens who drew severally large sums of money and I heard the unspoken question in the faces around me ‘where do these girls get their money from?’

The middle aged woman and the pensioner made ridiculous withdrawals. When it came to the old man with the pained face the machine took so much time in responding that we became impatient, but eventually it flashed its findings: INSUFFICIENT FUNDS.

The old man seemed shocked and almost collapsed as I reached out and steadied him; his breath was uneven, his old feeble hand felt hot and his eyes looked feverish. I led him away and slipped 3k into his hand and his eyes widened in surprise or indignity. I don’t know which but he saw my imploring look and nodded acceptance. The only thing left for the poor to lose in Nigeria is their dignity. This old man is emblematic of what we have become as a country and people; old and feeble with insufficient moral will and infrastructures to be what we want to be.

I wondered later in my car of old lonely men, who could not be taken care by their children who can’t find work years after leaving school. The disappointments are leading many parents to their early graves rather than be a problem to their children whilst our politicians smile to the bank. Our graduates wear trade bare clothes and our intellectuals are thought crazy and made redundant.


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