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May 21, 2018

Religious Disarmament and the Deluge of Evil (2)

The Emergence and Proscription of the Indigenous People of Biafra
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We can blame it on the governments, corruption  and bad politicians. The degradation of our ethical infrastructures like the events in the international scene exemplifies the rot of society. Nigeria is not better than gay America by the same ethical standards in view of our alarming ethical rot.

I am not against gays as I believe that what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their home is their business but an open demand for the legalization of unnatural sex is repugnant to our good conscience and culture.

This is what America wants and I cannot help but agree with James Baldwin, that western decadence must be contained by the rest of the world.

I advocate, however, that the gay issue should not be viewed with open disgust but with compassion and concern and certainly, not with indifference, acquiescence or levity. The legalization of homosexuality, incest, adultery is not an option but a challenge to the moral beings.

However a growing number of school children are getting introduced into same sex experiments in co educational institutes, from early age into these lifestyles which has no redeemable value to humanity. Noting, however, that the growth of homosexualism in Nigeria is not just misunderstood but underrated and is fast becoming a human rights issue. In our prison system, male rape is common place occurrence and seemly encouraged amongst inmates.

Our country must however, not relinquish its moral culture to America and the west nor should individuals because of the consumptive appetite of materialism accept the aberration of the human conscience in the backdrop of the perceived Christian disarmament in governance, in the formulation of public policy, enactment of statutes and in the development of educational institutes and curricula.

I rather wear my poor clothes and stand in dignity against the condescending sneer of the priviledgentsia, corrupt public officials who may consider us crazy or non conformist; who are prepared to do anything to stay in power and uninvestigated, than wear the adornments and perfumery of evil that can never de-odourise the miasma of moral rot.

We must fight against the control of our minds by the western media and stand firm against the religious disarmament in the deluge of evil.

There can never be any alchemy by which golden qualities can be produced from leaden individuals. These we must understand if we want to make Nigeria safe for democracy, the poor and the morally upright to live. These we must understand when we consider a candidate for public office. Rather than sell our votes and mortgage your conscience.

Unless we care about the growing immoral gulf and make provisions for growth, we may remain poor and within grip of men like Obama who have globalised gay rights and made it a western foreign policy against poor and weak countries. It is the remarkable reason for the change of Jonathan who could not compromise. Unless we take care of the old and sick, the young and ambitious and fight corruption, our conscience would remain in bondage and wither like flowers on a fresh grave. Now is the time to fight against our religious disarmament and the control of our minds and say ‘No’ to the rot of Hades.



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