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July 17, 2018

World Cancer Day: Doctors speak out

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World Cancer Day at Owerri Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Thursday February 4, 2016 attracted a large audience at the FMC Multi Purpose Hall where Doctors of Nigeria Cancer Society, educated them on different kinds of cancer, their precautions, signs and preventive measures. The audience included nurses, hospital workers, cancer patients, the religious, civil servants, retirees and cancer survivals.

Some of the medical personnel included the Chairman Nigeria Cancer Society, Dr. Egejuru Raphael, Dr. Anyaeze Chineme, Dr. Mrs. Emily Nzeribe, Dr. Okechukwu Duru and the Head of Nursing Services, Dr. Mrs. B.O. Akin-Otiko.

In his opening remarks at the talks which theme is: “We can, I can,” the Head of Clinical Services, Dr. Okonta disclosed that cancer affects all parts of the body, is no respecter of persons and has no age limit, maintaining that 80% of cancer patients die while the disease is more predominant in developing countries, 70% and 30% in advanced countries. He also disclosed that the disease has a geographical peculiarity as the spread differs from place to place, insisting that if it’s dictated early, a patient can live normal life.

Adding his voice, the Chairman, Nigeria Cancer Society, Dr. Egejuru Raphael, reiterated Dr. Okonta’s remark by saying that cancer is a major contribution to world mortality rate. He gave overall analysis of kinds of cancer in Nigeria, prostate, breast, cervical, etc, pointing out that the percentage of prostate and breast cancer fluctuate yearly. He expressed that world cancer spreads the message of: We can, I can, explaining that I can is imbued with, I can ask for support. Be yourself, love others and be loved as these can enable a patient to return to work.

Talking on prostate cancer, Dr. Anyaeze Chineme revealed that it’s common in men and prone to longevity, pointing out that only castrated men can claim freedom from attack. He advocated for routine check-up for men from 40 years and above, pointing out that in advanced stage, it could be very painful and difficult to manage and cost intensive. He enjoined men to avoid overfeeding while wives should reduce the intensity of the attack by surrendering their bodies to their husbands.

Speaking on cervical cancer, Dr. Emily Nzeribe observed that 90% cases occur in low resource countries like ours, urging every woman of about 29 years to go for screening regularly, maintaining that the infection takes ten to fifteen years to mature. She warned women to reduce the number of sex partners as bleeding after menopause marks the beginning of cervical cancer, adding that treatment is easy if dictated in time.

About breast cancer, Dr. Okechukwu Duru noted that it even occur in men as in women. He advised women to see a doctor at the notice of any lump in the breast or armpit, adding that they should go for screening after menses. He listed types of breast cancer, symptoms and preventions, insisting that women should reduce their weight, stop excess intake of alcohol and observe regular exercise, among others.

Adding his voice, Dr. Madugba (rtd) observed that prostate cancer also known as bone cancer, causes waist pain and enjoined all patients to go for cancer therapy, expressing that bone pains occur when there is the presence of cancer.

A cancer survival, Mrs. Amadi Ndidi, advised cancer patients to go about it with strong faith to survive and to observe the directives given by their doctors as she did and was cured at FMC. Another survival, Mrs. Ugochukwu Nneoma said that cancer is not a death sentence provided one develops strong will to survive. She said, “I am living a normal life and I obeyed the Dr’s instruction”, adding, “once the disease is dictated early and treated, the cure is certain”.

Concluding, all the doctors agreed that the only way not to have cancer is, not to be born at all, insisting that when any abnormality is noticed, one should go for screening.



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