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August 16, 2018

Celebrating Easter with moderation

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Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ; the victory of Christ, a triumph that was preceded by the passion, as celebrated in the triduum. Nigerians will today join their fellow Christians world over to commemorate this event. Easter is the greatest and most sacred Christian observance, signifying the renewal of the God-man relationship, salvation through Jesus Christ and hope of eternal life.

Having come out a 40-day Lenten season, with all the fasting and various forms of self denial, it is worthwhile to make merry and celebrate with feasting, sharing, dancing, loving and caring in the light of the good news and hope that Christ’s death and resurrection offers to humanity.

However, we must celebrate with moderation, remembering that there are those who cannot comfortably afford a day’s meal in light of the changing face of Nigeria. Poverty is undoubtedly spreading when, in fact, it should be reducing with our new government and the resources God had blessed this nation with.

A lot of our brothers and sisters are living on the fringes of abject poverty. Inflation is growing, the price of food is rising, unemployment is becoming chronic, workers are not even sure of their monthly pay anymore, while many old people and pensioners are dying through want and neglect.

Our people are undeniably hungry and angry. Yet week after week, we hear news about stolen millions, even billions from our national treasury. When it is not money meant for national security being diverted or bailout fund allegedly being stolen or misused, it is government officials looting and stealing whopping sums of public funds and living a flamboyant lifestyle.

Times are hard for the average Nigerian and the promised change has not come. Here in Imo state, youths are still waiting for the promised “factory, factory, factory,” to deliver the much-needed jobs, while Nigerians as a whole are helplessly looking to President Buhari to deliver his campaign promises and transform the economy.

For now, Nigerians are not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. Petrol scarcity is biting again. Long queues have returned to the filling stations, with prices ranging from 150 – 160 naira for a litre of petrol instead of the official N87 per litre. Need we talk about kerosene and electricity? The situation is bad!

We wonder why it has been difficult for our governments, past and present, to bring about the much needed change in the petroleum sector. Subsidy or no subsidy the situation is the same. Nigerians are suffering perhaps like never before.

We implore Christians to use this sacred period of Easter to pray. Perhaps, we should ask God not only to touch the hearts of our oppressors but also to remove anything and anyone, person or persons constituting a stumbling block to the development and progress of our nation. We must ask God to give wisdom and courage to our leaders to take the bull by the horn and do what is necessary to transform our economy.

Nigerians must not give up. We encourage our people to be patient and persevere, as there is no gain without pain. We must reject corruption in all its form and fight against it, hoping that one day we will rise to become a better nation. May Christ’s death and resurrection usher in a new dawn for Nigeria and give us hope of a better tomorrow.



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