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August 18, 2018

KSM: St. Paul’s sub-council holds annual retreat

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The St. Paul’s sub-council of knights of St. Mulumba held their 2016 annual retreat from 26th to 28th August 2016 at the Claretian Renewal Centre Nekede Owerri. Welcoming members of the sub-council to the retreat, the Worthy Grand Knight, Bro Eva Njemanze, reminded members that retreat could be likened to combatant soldiers who, after fighting a battle withdrew to a place of safety to re-access their achievements, progress and problems in order to re-strategize for the battle ahead.

He urged them to take the exercise seriously in order to reap all the spiritual benefits derivable from it.

The retreat moderator Rev. Fr. Raphael Nnaemeka Uzoekwe, centered the theme of the conference on conflict resolution. He stated that conflict arises in a situation in which people, groups or country are involved in a serious disagreement or argument.

He said that conflict was bound to arise among people or group because individuals have different temperaments, different backgrounds and different orientation.

Fr. Uzoekwe also said that conflicts could degenerate to crises if not handled timely and decisively. He enumerated the types of conflicts found in the Human society to include: personal conflict, marital/family conflict, spiritual/religious conflict, business or work conflict, community/state conflict, military or national conflict among others.

He used biblical texts drawn from Matthew 20:20-27, as case studies of how conflicts were resolved by the early Christians.

Fr. Uzoekwe also stated that conflicts have some benefits which includes increased understanding, better group cohesion and improved self-knowledge.

The annual retreat was concluded on Sunday 28th August 2016 with a Holy Mass officiated by the retreat moderator.

In his vote of thanks, the worthy Grand Knight Bro Eva Njemanze, on behalf of the members of the sub-council, thanked the retreat moderator for a job well done. He noted that members have benefited immensely the spiritual enrichment provided by the retreat, and urged members to impact on their various families and the society at large, what they had learnt from the retreat.



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