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July 20, 2018

Christmas: Don’t succumb to recession -Bishop Amatu tells Nigerians

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The Catholic Bishop of Okigwe, Most Rev. Solomon Amatu has enjoined Nigerians to fasten their belts and take the difficult times as they come instead of succumbing to its pressure; assuring them that they could still make good achievements in the face of recession.

Bishop Amatu made the call at the Cathedral of Immaculate Cenception Okigwe in a Christmas message to the faithful, during an exclusive session with our Okigwe Correspondent, PeterClaver Ubochi, shortly after Celebrating the 2016 Special Christmas with members of Okigwe Diocesan Council of  Catholic Women Organization (OCCWO).

He argued that in human history, there has not been a point in time when the past was not praised as being better than the present and wondered, “who knows whether today would be said to be better than tomorrow?”

Bishop Amatu recalled that prior to the oil-boom era, Nigerians did not “pack all their eggs in one basket” as they had a diversified healthy economy hinged on agriculture, crafts, solid minerals, tourism etc.

The prelate noted with regret that Nigerians abandoned all other natural sources of sustenance and clung to crude oil alone which is now disappointing them.

He prelate bemoaned the current food crisis ravaging the nation, which he blamed on the abandonment of natural rich food resources like cocoyam, corn, natural root tubers, fruits and nuts, which he recalled provided not only food satisfaction to man, but also were rich sources of essential body nutrients, which immuned them against so many new generation ailments like cancer, diabetes, cardiac diseases which were relatively unknown in times past.

The bishop, while wishing Nigerians the best of the yuletide, advised them to explore alternative natural sources of food for enhanced health, imbibe financial discipline in view of economic recession, and seek the face of God individually and collectively for lasting solution to the apparently intractable national multifarious problems.

He charged Nigerians to use the period of this year’s Christmas and New Year festivities to reflect on the journey so far as individuals, families, communities and nation.


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