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March 23, 2017

Disabled Nigerians get opportunity to be self-dependent

The Chairman of Livelihood Homes, Dr Kelly Nwogu has offered the disabled in Nigeria a great opportunity to become self-dependent through farming and entrepreneurship. For this purpose, Nwogu is making about five hectares of land available for them.

Nwogu, who unveiled this project at the New Year during an event ‘titled “Season of love for the disabled’ at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, said his experience as an only son of a disabled mother inspired him to show love to the disabled this year.

“According to records, disabled persons in Nigeria are over 23 million. That is bigger than the population of some countries. Therefore, if everyone should keep quiet and not help them, this might affect the level of crime in the country. You would agree with me that the level of crime is increasing daily. People who traveled to the East during the Christmas complained of arm robbery attacks even yesterday; this will be terrible in the next few months if we don’t do anything about the economy in general:’ Nwogu said.

“I want to get a national place for agriculture for the disabled. Agriculture is the way forward. This is the first day of January 2017; if they start planting now, by August, they should be harvesting, depending on the crops.

“Let me show them there is a way in agriculture. I will help them get the land, get the crops, show them how to plant and pay their workers until harvest. By the time they have their first harvest they may not need me anymore, then they can, continue from there:’ he added.

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On how he intends to achieve the tall dream Nwogu said: “I bought cheap lands far away from town and people can buy these lands for as low as 50, 000 to 80, 000 per plot. I would love it if everybody follows me, let, us plant and rear animals together, so that 2017 will not’ be tougher than the previous year:’

Meanwhile Nwogu made it mandatory that before anybody can benefit from the project, such person must have National Identity Card.



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