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February 22, 2017

KSJI District 8 holds 2017 muster /inspection … Bear fruits of righteousness, love – Fr Ekwuagha

This year’s muster and grand inspection of the District 8 of  Owerri Grand Commendery of Knights of St John International – KSJI took place at the KSJI complex Owerri, Saturday February 4, 2017. The local commandaries which featured are: Holy Cross No 422 Owerri, Holy Family No 560 Izombe and Assumpta  No 655 Aladinma. The rest are St Benedict NO 777 Uratta, St Gregory NO.778 Onyeaghalanwanneya and St Michael’s  824 Atta. The Grand President Brig. Gen. (Prof) Ezekiel Ihionu, the Grand secretary, Col. T.K. Nwachukwu and other members of the Grand executive were present.

The occasion started with Eucharistic celebration presided over by the District Chaplain, Rev. Fr. Xavier Francis Ekwuagha. Preaching the homily, Fr Ekwuagha told the knights that by choosing them as soldiers of Christ and defenders of the church, God as planter of good seeds, made a plan for harvest of thanksgiving and righteousness. As the owner of their lives garden,  when he comes around, he expects the required fruits of love, righteousness and generosity from knights of the church. Fr Ekwuagha warned Christians never to take God for granted because nothing is hidden from him. He quoted the gospel of Matthew where Christ stated that the righteousness of his disciples must exceed those of the scribes and Pharisees, pointing out that an equally high standard is expected from knights of the church.

The District Chaplain reminded knights that muster and inspection are a time for stock taking in the Noble Order  as well as to assess the extent they are living up to the enormous responsibility the church has placed on their shoulders.

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Speaking at the end of Mass, the Grand President, Brig-Gen Ihionu explained that it is conventional that after sometime, an army has to come back and assess its performance, do a roll call to know those who are still alive or the sick.

The inspection of their readiness as soldiers to fight, would be revealed not only in the condition of their uniforms and accruements but all the other criteria laid out by the supreme commendery through the Grand Commander.

In his address earlier, the District Commander, Major (Prof) Remy Uche, had also explained that the essence of muster/inspection was to conduct an on-the-spot assessment of how knights were doing. In addition to inspecting their attires, their kits would also be carefully scrutinized to ensure that all the items a catholic knight needs to have around him at all times are intact , including the crucifix, rosary, bible and other sacramentals.

Prof. Uche who stressed the importance of discipline in the order appointed seven district military officers  to work in conjunction with the local commanders to ensure a firm and thorough muster and inspection.

The Noble Degree knights were given the privilege of being inspected by the Grand President himself in KSJI Hall.

A crucial aspect of the District muster and grand inspection, was the conducting of mock regular meetings in turn by various commanderies while the Grand President and other members of the executive watched.

In addition to all that, the Grand Secretary Col T.K. Nwachukwu inspected the official records of the correspondence and Recording secretaries while the Grand Financial Secretary Lt Donatus Onyenanu and Grand Treasurer Major Vincent Agu also inspected those of the Financial Department of local commanderies.

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