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June 20, 2018

FG recovers $151m, N8bn looted funds through whistleblower policy

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Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed said the Federal Government’s Whistle blowing policy has yielded $151million and N8billion in looted funds.

In a statement signed by Segun Adeyemi, the Special Assistant to the Minister, Alhaji Mohammed said the looted funds were recovered via the clues provided by three whistleblowers who gave actionable information to the office of the Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation.

The biggest amount of $136,676,600.51 was recovered from an account in a commercial bank, where the money was kept under an apparently fake account name.

This was followed by the recovery of N7 billion and $15 million from another person and 1 billion Naira from yet another.

The recovered loots do not include the $9.2 million in cash allegedly owned by a former Group Managing Director of the NNPC, which was also a dividend of the whistleblower policy, All the monies recovered so far totalled over $160million.

”When we told Nigerians that there was a primitive and mindless looting of the national treasury under the last Administration, some people called us liars. Well, the whistle-blower policy is barely two months old and Nigerians have started feeling its impact, seeing how a few people squirrelled away public funds. It is doubtful if any economy in the world will not feel the impact of such mind-boggling looting of the treasury as was experienced in Nigeria.

”Yet whatever has been recovered so far, including the $9.2 million by the EFCC, is just a tip of the iceberg,” Alhaji Mohammed said.

He appealed to Nigerians with useful information on looted funds to continue to provide the authorities with such information, saying confidentiality will be maintained with regards to the source of the information.

The Minister also reminded Nigerians of the financial reward aspect of the policy, saying ”If there is a voluntary return of stolen or concealed public funds or assets on the account of the information provided, the whistle blower may be entitled to anywhere between 2.5% (Minimum) and 5.0% (Maximum) of the total amount recovered”.



One Response to “FG recovers $151m, N8bn looted funds through whistleblower policy”
  1. Ahamefule Nnorom says:

    This anti-corruption campaign is a joke and a farce employed against political foes. It will be taken seriously only when there is a probe of those northerners who control 83% of our oil blocs, and that could be worth trillions of dollars, when buhari declares his assets and accounts for the billions of dollars missing when he ran the ptf, under his friend abacha, when obj, babangida and all the thieving generals and ex-generals are probed, when tinuba who reportedly now flies around in two private planes as the people languish in poverty and disease, is probed. Why hype “recovered” $151 million while trillions of dollars have been stolen and protected by the kleptocratic elite that rule nigeria? And what happened to all the millions “recovered” from Abacha? Could anyone identify the states or communities that benefited from the recovered loot? This nazi-like campaign is not unlike the cobweb-like nigerian justice system “where the fly gets caught and eaten while the eagle breaks through and free.” Nigerian rulers who launch corruption campaigns are like “foxes guarding the chicken coop.”

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