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August 19, 2018

Leadership by example: Barack Obama the great…Elsewhere in America (6)

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As OBAMA took his exit from the political arena of American democracy there aren’t just a few who paid their glowing tributes to the great president of the United States. Look at a few ‘comments’ or ‘tributes’ by thousands of individuals who see and think about OBAMA as I do. JUST A FEW OF THE SELECTED QUOTES!


(i)   “Being English, I may see things from a totally different perspective! I see a President who, being thoroughly graceful, has done a great job. Hadn’t he lowered your deficit in an amazing way? Has unemployment not gone down? And that’s only two things. From this side of the pond, I see a dedicated man who loves his country and has done everything in his power to make his country better. But everything he has tried doing has been stopped by the opposition. In my humble English opinion, the opposition party is a disgrace, opposing a man who wanted better for his country!  In such a disgraceful way and as seems as clear as air, opposing him at every turn, not because of political reasons, but because of the color of his skin.  This is the opinion of a lot of people here!!!!!”

(ii)   “Brilliant! The Republican party has obstructed, denied and gone out of their way to stop any and all progress, just to spite Obama and get revenge because he beat them, not only once, but twice! He had the audacity to get the MAJORITY of the American people to vote for him, so they acted like petulant children for 8 solid years!”

(iii)   “When they went low… he went high!  Despite the challenge, Obama rose above it. Although he could not get it all done, but not for the lack of trying. With a 60% rating at that. Thank you Mr. President Obama”.

(iv) “By obstructing President Obama the republican party held all citizens hostage, violated our constitution and failed to do the jobs they are paid to do.   People need to ask why. It is because the republican party is fascist and wants total control of our government no matter what. What does it mean to have a fascist government?” Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach.”

(v)   “With that Republican behavior all they have done was making our President Obama look better. We admire him because even though he has so much obstruction he accomplished so much. He has come out as a hero! He is a brilliant decent man”.

(vi)   “Racism and hatred must still be alive and well in the United States. The Republican party despised the fact that a Black man was elected President not once but twice.  And their only retaliation was to block and object to just about everything the President proposed.  Just imagine what President Obama may have accomplished if not for the actions of these small minded people who sit high and look low.  What a disgrace.  The Republican party despised the President so very much they would rather support the insanity and the ignorance of Trump.  The Republican party has definitely displayed their souls, the core of who they are.  Our system of government is tremendously flawed and corrupt.  The Republican party does not reflect that they want what is best for the people of this country.  Rather, their behavior reflects the ongoing disdain for the Democratic party as well as hatred towards Black people.  The Republican party supports deception, lies, and bigotry”.

(vii)   “Brilliant. A very sad 8 years in American history, with Mitch McConnell leading the way, saying the only goal of the party was to not allow President Obama to be reelected. Then they wasted 8 years of taxpayers money by not trying to work with the President or democrats on anything in Congress. This was a shameful period in US history, and the root of it was still racism and bigotry.”

(viii) “They were haunted and ruled by fear! Fear that this Black man would do more for this country than they have.”

(ix)   “This isn’t new. They hate anything good. Obama was a pure leader. They hated him for that. They hate anyone that is kind. Obama was kind and is the type of leader we need in this trying times. If Obama got the support wow! I believe it would have been a different story. They blocked everything he tried to do I mean everything good… Hate is going to be our downfall”

(x)   “The Republican Party should be renamed the Ugly Party based on their ugly behavior and actions the last 8 years to President Obama and the USA! The Ugly Party believes only their leadership is worthy therefore any other leadership should not be supported thus they are not patriots of our country rather they are only patriots of themselves”.

(xi) As a historian, I have no doubt historians will rate Obama in the top ten. First black president, pulled us out of the Great Recession, second only to the Great Depression, instituted first successful national healthcare program since LBJ, etc. . . Although historians can be biased, they don’t deal in propaganda, “just the facts.”(Michael Johnston)

(xii) Anyone who says Obama is the worst president ever after what the George W. Bush administration did cannot possibly be taken seriously. They are just blinded by their own racism.

(xiii) He has always been great, taking great thoughts before making any decision, having the country at the front of every decision. Listening to others that might be more knowledgeable about issues, evaluating, discussing. The opposite of Trump. Obama has class and integrity never unkind and always looking out for us…..

(xiv) Wow! President Obama came in when the country’s economy was in the toilet and going deeper, was told by the REPUBLICANS that they would not help him. And dang he did his job WITHOUT the help of REPUBLICANS and now he leaves us with a STRONG economy!!!! PRESIDENT OBAMAS YOU ARE A SUPER HERO. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!! (Patrick Jackson )

(xv) Not just GREAT but probably the GREATEST DECENT MAN.  No drama no crap just plain honest and caring for his country not just blacks but all people of other countries will miss him as well! (Patricia Holliday)

(xvi) Yes, President Obama has been a GREAT president.  He had so much opposition from the republicans – and still he had achieved so much.  They were jealous of him, hated him and they could not knock him down.  We have been so blessed to have a president like Barrack Obama.  Thank you President Obama.



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