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July 20, 2018

KSM initiates Barr. Kelechi Emeakaroha into the order

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“I was secretly investigated for 3 years by the order as I lived my normal, open life without noticing them”

A round peg was certainly put in a round hole when Barr. Kelechi Emeakaroha popularly known as “Bishop” and his lovely wife Queen Ijeoma Emeakaroha were admitted into the noble Order of the Knights of St. Mulumba (Nigeria), an Order where men and women vow to serve God through the church with their Time, Talent and Treasure (3 Ts).

On Sunday July 30, 2017, at Mater Dolorosa Parish Ihitte, Ihitte/Uboma LGA of Imo State, when the new members initiated into the Order in the 2017 exercise were unveiled and presented during a post initiation thanksgiving Mass for blessing, at the mention of Kelechi Emeakaroha, the spontaneous response of the congregation was, “Exact perfect”. Some elderly men and women sitting close to this reporter reacted thus: Kpom-Kwem, Gbam, Otoruru ya, et al.



That was how the search-light of The leader turned to beam on this couple whose names elicited such reactions and it spotted the man known among his peers and priests more as “Bishop” than his real name Kelechi.

The Mass was hardly over when I established contact with him to speak on his initiation into the Order of Knights of St. Mulumba, and he disclosed that he never knew that his private and public utterances and actions had been under close monitoring and surveillance since 3 years by a special committee. Said he, “I was going about my normal life openly, but I did not notice that even my own people who are already knights were part of the monitoring team. I thank God I have nothing to hide. And they found me worthy, with my wife whom I now call my sister. They now call me worthy brother.”


Asked of his perception of the knighthood he said, “It is a rare privilege to be a knight. I cherish my call into this highly respected Order. A knight is a cynosure, expected to live above board.”

Reputed for providing complete priestly vestments for newly ordained priests in Okigwe Diocese for over 10 years now, Barr. Sir Kelechi Emeakaroha, as an alumnus of St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary Ihitte, has continued to provide life-line for the seminary institution. He went further to tile the seminary Chapel a couple of months ago. He has facilitated the free education of over 4,000 children and free medicare for the rural populance.


The rather shy learned gentleman who objected to publicizing his philanthropy, especially to the church, had this to say, “What would you give to thank God enough for the life he gave you? Christ is the gift and the giver. I hope to do more for God now.”


The “Bishop” was full of gratitude to the Owerri Metro Grand Knight Prince Sir E.O.N. Emeakaroha (KSM, KSS, JP) the Co-ordinating GK for Okigwe Chief Sir Vitus Kalayor, the Ihitte Sub-Council and the entire KSM (NIG). His gratitude also went to the Emeakaroha family, his mother popularly referred to Mary of the family, Nneoma Lady Julie Emeakaroha (Odi uko na mba) for being the hand that rocks the cradle, his two elder brother knights, Prince E.O.N. Emeakaroha (his father) and Barr. Sir Eze Emeakaroha, and all his siblings. Special love to his loving wife, Lady Queen Ijeoma Emeakaroha for supporting and inspiring him.


The Vicar-General II Fr. Dr. Barth Nnaemedo presided at the post initiation thanksgiving Mass assisted by Rev. Fr. Dr. Emeka Emeakaroha, Fr. Dr. Chidi Onyenagada (host PP), Fr. Augustine Nwankwo (OMI) who preached the homily, and about ten more priests in addition. Six newly initiated couples were blessed on the occasion. Owerri Metro-Council officers were present.


Among the top brass of the Order present include: Owerri Metro GK, Prince E.O.N. Emeakaroha, Okigwe Liaison GK and GK host Ihitte Sub-Council Chief Sir V.A. Kalayor, Sir R.O.J. Kenkwo (Metro Sec.), all Grand Knights of the ten Sub-Councils in Okigwe Diocese, and other Sub-council and Metro officers.


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