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August 20, 2018

Adapalm Catholic community rolls out the drums

Adapalm Catholic community rolls out the drums
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… As 5 Couples were joined in Holy Matrimony

Couples have been advised to remain faithful to their marriage vows and avoid indulging in any extra marital affairs or living polygamous life.

The warning was given on Saturday December 9 at St. Joseph Catholic Special Jurisdiction, Imo Palm Ohaji when members of the parish rolled the red carpet for five couples who exchanged marital vows.

The occasion started with a Holy Mass   presided over by Rev. Fr. Basil Opurum, the parish priest of St. Michael’s Ihagwa, assisted by Rev. Fr. Kirian Agogbuo, the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Lawrence Ogazi, Holy Ghost Parish Obosima.

In an emotion laden homily, Fr. Lawrence started with a heart lifting song. He thanked the Lord for the gift of the day and urged Christians to always avail themselves of every opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony in the Christian way.

He charged the couples to show respect and love each other since “one plus one in marriage is equal to one.” Be patient and tolerate each other, he further advised. He enjoined the couples to always seek better ways to nuture their marriage rather than inviting a third party, especially when faced with challenges.

The homilist stated that God from the beginning arranged marriage to be for a man and a woman (monogamy). He stated that marriage is a covenant and indissoluble as no human being has power to put asunder what God has joined together. He stressed that the woman is not a slave but a help-mate and urged husbands to reciprocate by loving their wives so that both will merit everlasting life.

According to him, wedding is a mixture of the joyful mysteries and sorrowful mysteries. He also said that wedding day is only one day, whereas marriage lasts for a life time and a journey of fidelity and love.

In his remarks during the Eucharistic celebration, the parish priest, Fr. Kirian who presided at the exchange of marriage vows, said this is the first wedding in the parish and thanked the couples for heeding to the Christian voice of reason, as they realized the need to reconcile with God after years of living together without the blessings of the church.

The highlight of the occasion included; cutting the wedding cake by the couples of the year of mercy.

In a chat with The Leader, one of the parishioners described Fr. Kirian Agogbuo as a jovial priest who carries everybody along in all activities and as such parishioners cherish him.

In his vote of thanks, the parish priest, thanked God for a successful occasion. He thanked Fr. Basil, Fr. Lawrence, sons and daughters of the community, Rev. Sr. Elizabeth Ann Aniako, the choir, altar boys etc.

Expressing their happiness at the end of the Mass, the couples prayed God to bless Fr. Kirian for making them wed at no cost.



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