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August 18, 2018

Feast of St. Patrick comes alive at St. John’s Umunahu Uratta

Frs: Nnajiemere (R) Obinna (L) with the Archdiocesan Lay Readers Exco members and newly induced parish members
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For worshippers of the newly created St. John’s Catholic Parish Umunahu Uratta Owerri North LGA, this year’s feast of St. Patrick was like no other. This was visibly noticed as the Church premises became a bee-hive for parishioners who rallied to honour the legendry Irish missionary who has taken the Secondary Patron Saint of Nigeria as a testament to his missionary efforts in the country.


The day was Saturday March 17 and the event which began with a Eucharistic celebration presided by Rev. Fr. Kizito Obinna, Archdiocesan Chaplain of Lay Readers Association and assisted by the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Betrand Nnajiemere had as highpoints of the event official induction of the Parish Lay Readers Association, quiz and match past competitions.

The Parish Priest in salute taking exercise at the match past

The Parish Priest in salute taking exercise at the match past by the CWO

Conferring the activities of the event to reporters, Fr. Nnajiemere said “It’s with every sense of joy that we’ve come to celebrate this year’s feast of St. Patrick. As you can see this is a new created parish and it’s our joyous intention to kick start our pastoral functions on a remarkable note, calling to mind the missionary efforts of this good man.” The new parish priest expressed joy that the Irish men and women who St. Patrick evangelized were eventually among the people who brought Catholic faith to Nigeria.


Fr. Nnajiemere’s thoughts on the good works of St. Patrick were however elaborated while delivering homily at the Mass. He thanked the Chaplain of the Lay Readers and his Archdiocesan Exco team who were in the parish to officially unveil their conferees for given nod to their invitation, describing St. Patrick as iconic Christian personality who through his efforts the  greater portion of the people of God was able to receive Christ.

The Parish Priest in salute taking exercise at the match past by the CYON

The Parish Priest in salute taking exercise at the match past by the CYON

Referring to the day’s readings, the priest urged Christ faithful to emulate St. Patrick’s spirit of self denial, stressing that “Just as Christ died for the sake of those he loved, so St. Patrick denied himself personal comforts. While noting that the Irish Patron Saint did everything ensuring that the gospel gets to every corner of the world, he advised the listening faithful to replicate the missionary gestures by living a worthy life.


At the induction exercise, the Archdiocesan Chaplain, urged the newly inducted to internalize their commitment by taking their functions serious.  He said “as you’re been commissioned as proclaimers of the Word, don’t look back, gird on your loins and remain faithful to the good principles of the association you belong.” Before imparting his prayers of blessings on them, Fr. Obinna who is the parish priest of Holy Trinity Parish Egbuoma Oguta further enjoined parents to lend the Lay readers supporting hands for them to carryout effectively their new designated assignment. The induction ritual also featured question of preparedness from the Chaplain which the candidates individually responded in affirmation.

The Parish Priest in salute taking exercise at the match past by the CMO

The Parish Priest in salute taking exercise at the match past by the CMO

In her remark of commendation, the Archdiocesan Coordinator of Lay Readers , Lady Maureen Emenyeonu thanked the parish priest and his parishioners for adhering to the Archdiocesan rules. She expressed delight that the parish started on a commendable note, adding that the association remains a vital organ in the Church that demands from its members dedication and sincere disposition.


Shortly before other activities that took place after the Mass, Mr. Philip Obielu, Vice Chairman Parish Pastoral Council took turn to welcome their guests, asking God to grant them journey mercies.


At the field event, whereas youths of St. Mary Group came out in flying colors keeping St. John and St. Joseph Groups behind on the quiz competition, the event concluded as CMO, CWO and CYON kindreds under the parish slogged it out in an enthralling match past.  The kindreds included Nduhu, Ndokwu, Umundula, Libie, Eshimeshi, Umuiwuala and Umuowara.



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