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August 17, 2018

Don’t lose hope when things get tough

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  • Akagha advises Christians

Christians have been advised not to lose hope when things get tough because God anticipates their problems and will come to their help.

Msgr. Kevin Akagha, parish priest, St. Mark’s Church New Owerri gave the advice in his sermon during  Easter Vigil Mass.

He said that when Mary Magdalene and Mary the Mother of James were going to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus, their major concern was, “who will roll away the stone for us from the door of the tomb? They were also concerned with how to deal with the soldiers guarding the tomb. But when they looked up, they saw that the large stone had been rolled away.”

Reflecting on the Reading, Msgr. Akagha advised Christians not to lose hope no matter the problems confronting them.

“Are there stones blocking your progress, your destiny? Are they stones of fear, despair, discouragement? Rejoice, Jesus will roll the stones away, he will lift us from our problems, no matter how large they loom,” Msgr. Akagha preached, adding, “For every Good Friday, there is always an Easter Sunday.”

He noted that Nigeria was once a great country; “things were better then– Salaries were paid as when due, pensioners received their pension regularly, electricity was regular, people slept with their two eyes closed, corruption and injustice were not rampant. Today, things seem to be getting worse.”

“Don’t lose hope, tomorrow will be better,” he assured the congregation, adding that the “Israelites were slaves for 400 years  in Egypt and when God said it is time, no Pharoah was able to stop them.”

Msgr. Akagha who spiced his sermon with ancient and modern Easter songs, thus keeping the congregation in the Easter mood, explained the importance of the Paschal candle, describing it as a visual aid which will be honoured, respected and incensed all through the period of Easter.

The Episcopal Vicar of St. Mark Zone advised Christians to rise from corruption, injustice and begin to live life of truth and love. “Get up and love again; get up and trust again.  If your faith is failing and waning, the Resurrection power is telling you to rise again, to be true Christians who will remain steadfast till death.”



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