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July 16, 2018

Msgr. Akagha blasts political class: You’re selfish, exploitative

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The parish priest of St Mark’s Church New Owerri, Very Rev.  Msgr. Kevin Akagha has taken a swipe at Nigeria’s political class, denouncing in strong terms their exploitative and selfish tendencies.

In a message to Catholic women of his parish on the occasion of this year’s Mother’s Day, Msgr. Akagha reflected on the theme of their celebration: “Catholic women, carriers of living water to the world that thirsts for peace.”

The priest said the theme was very appropriate at this time because, “indeed, Nigeria thirsts for peace.”

“The yoke imposed on many Nigerians by a selfish and exploitative political class, who in very large part are strangers to the real interests of those they claim to govern and the unprecedented killings of innocent Nigerians by the terrorist Boko Haram Islamic sect, have filled our cup of human to overflowing.”

Msgr. Akagha who is the Episcopal Vicar of St. Mark’s zone, called on mothers to pledge themselves to a veritable crusade of prayer for Nigeria.

“Pray that out of the crucible of our suffering may soon come the minted gold of justice, respect for the rule of law, and peace.”

He expressed his sincere appreciation to the dedicated and dynamic service the parish Catholic mothers have rendered and continue to render to the church and nation.”

The Vicar said he had been to different countries, visited many places, had met a lot of groups and organizations but the CWO is the most active he had seen.

He said in his final moments on the cross, Jesus had time for few earthly concerns. “One of those concerns, strong enough to invade his suffering, was his love for his mother.



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