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August 21, 2018

Addressing The Kidnapping Problem In Nigeria (5)

Swimming: Where in the vast area and 36 states of Nigeria could Nigerians sports officials go for the best swimmers? Not in the Delta, Bayalsa, and Rivers states? Many ‘magic swimmers’ are said to feature in Sokoto and some Northern state where diving and fishing competitions are regular sports in Nigeria. Unless it is a fairy tale, stories circulate about Nigerian young men and women from these communities who can swim like fish and remain under the waters of the river Nigeria and Benue and the wide Atlantic ocean for hours. Nigerian sports officials should cast their nets deep into…

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Addressing The Kidnapping Problem In Nigeria (4)

(6)    LONG TERM SOLUTIONS? There was unanimous agreement during the international conference that one of the best ways of eradicating evil, especially all juvenile related crimes, including kidnapping is the creation of jobs for the teeming population of youths roaming the streets of big cities in Nigeria. There is great need, too, to create sports opportunities for young Nigerians. Gainfully dedicated youths who derive both leisure and financial gains in sports and games will find less or no time for crime. Most successful ones eventually become role models in society. It is sad to note that more than one-third of…

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Addressing The Kidnapping Problem In Nigeria (3)

Fear of reprisals: Some of the people who may know about criminal activities of our closest relations and friends are always afraid of reprisals or acts of revenge. Criminals and their friends and associates can arrange and eliminate the suspected informants and may even subject their entire household to terrible punishments and harassment.   (3)        THE BOYS WORK FOR THE GRAND MASTERS   There is no doubt that most of the armed bank-robbers we hear about, for example, are only ‘errand boys’ who serve the interests of their grand masters. The boys give accounts of their ‘mission’ and stewardship to…

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Addressing the Kidnapping Problem In Nigeria (2)

A kidnapped man’s wife: Chief Udeogu Ukaegbu, who narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Boko Haram terrorists in the North and settled in the village, was kidnapped immediately he settled down to restart his business in the village. A sympathizer who accosted the man’s wife questioned: “Madam, what are we hearing?” “Yes, Sir. It is true. Neither home nor abroad is safe anymore. See how we have escaped from the cobra’s burrow and entered the lion’s den. Had we known we would have remained in the North? We are confused and terrified to the marrows. From where can…

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Addressing the Kidnapping Problem In Nigeria (1)

KIDNAPPING NOW A LUCRATIVE BUSINESS IN NIGERIA? Nigerians who must visit their fatherland for obvious reasons, like burial of loved ones or spend Christmas vacation in the village are always gripped with fear as mere thought of landing in the village for a few days to spend time with families and neighbors scares them.  They don’t even believe that better security can be assured in the big cities of Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Kano, Kaduna, Ibadan, Benin, or Owerri. One could be kidnapped by hoodlums or young terrorists. Those who find themselves in the Northern states of the nation…

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