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August 16, 2018

Mary Did Not Have Other Children (2)

See the previous part of this article Again crowning the above truth, the episode of John 19:25-27 makes us to understand that Mary had no other children.  If all these men were the sons of Mary, the natural thing Christ could do was to entrust her to other children for them to take care of their mother.  But He gave her to john the beloved, whom we know as the son of Zebedee.  John (19:26-27) captures it thus: “Jesus saw his mother and the disciple she loved standing there; so he said to his mother, “He is your son”.  Then…

Nigerian Physicians and Our Right to Know

Chioma called again! You remember her? The woman her boss was pressing for an affair (See or for full story). I thought she was going to talk about this affair.  No. This time it was about her sick mother. “Could you please pray for her, she is in a hospital at Owerri”, she said. I know her mother, a 65 year old “rural woman”.  I called this woman. “Mama, what’s the matter?” “The Doctor has not told me anything”, she answered. “What medication has he given you?” “He did not tell me, he just said that I will be…

The morality of sharing money to Pupils in Imo (2)

As October 1 draws near

Wrong Formation: St. Paul’s foremost warning to Timothy is, “The love of money is the root of all evils” (1Tim. 6: 10). The worst offense any parent could commit against his child will be to introduce him to money as a standard for either consolation or love. Using money to attract a child is like using bone to attract dogs. When the bone is not available, the dog refuses to listen to the voice of the owner and could go wild. And scripture says, “Teach a child how he should live, and he will remember it all his life” (Prov….