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August 20, 2018

Lessons from South Africa

Erecting Statues for Jacob Zuma And Elen Johnson

  Were the disgraced South African President, Jacob Zuma,  Nigerian, he would not resign or leave Aso Rock. Never! Nigerians don’t resign from political office because once they find themselves there; the office becomes their birth right.  So if it were a ‘Nigerian Zuma’, he and his supporters would throw up all sorts of mundane excuses to remain in office. Failing to have their way, they would play the religious and ethnic card, stirring up fear and violence in the country. Also, if Zuma were a state Governor and facing imminent disgrace or Vote of no confidence, he and his…

The Mandela Spirit and challenges of Familyhood in Africa (1)

As October 1 draws near

I have settled down to read and reflect on the multiplicity of eulogies, sermons and encomiums that have been pouring out in honour of the greatest African or if I may say, world hero of our time, the late Nelson Rolihlahla Madiba Dalibhunga Mandela since the announcement of his death by President Jacob Zuma of South Africa on Thursday, December 5. There is nothing else that could be said of a legend that has not been said or written  deservedly about Mandela. And like Funke Egbemode wrote in her column of Sunday Sun, titled, “Madiba’s living lessons”, “I have ……