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August 15, 2018

Herdsmen Rampage: Matter of the truth

killings by Fulani Herdsmen Terrorists in Nigeria

  For several months now, Nigerians have watched with amazing docility, somnolence, and helplessness as Fulani “herdsmen” rampage several communities across the nation laying waste lives and property with impunity and reckless abandon. They have terrorized the middle belt, sacked several communities and decimated their population, in the manner of ethnic cleansing. They have equally touched parts of Kogi, Nasarawa and Southern Kaduna and have brazenly spilled over, unrestrained; into communities in the border area of Enugu State in the Eastern States and parts of the South West. These unmistakable jihadists are armed to the teeth and would brook no…

Cattle grazing law: Ekiti State, FCT got it right

Since the assumption of office by the present administration, no week passes without breath-taking stories of the gruesome murder of men and women, who attempted to stop Fulani herdsmen from turning their agricultural farms into grazing fields for cattle. Such incidents are fast becoming a daily occurrence across the country. What worries Nigerians most about these ceaseless and inhuman atrocities is the tacit and inexplicable silence of the Federal Government, whose constitutional responsibility it is to protect all lives and property. The president has sworn to do so, as the commander-in-chief of the Armed forces, using the police, army and…