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May 22, 2018

When Anger is Good

Pastors corner with Fr Henry Ibe

  Anger is a very delicate human emotion which helps us to stand up against aggression and evil, but which must be handled carefully lest it snowballs into destructive behaviour with grave consequences. When put to good use, anger can bring about a positive change, but it could also have a damaging influence – domestic violence, adultery, marriage breakdown, road rage, murder, and even suicide. And even concealed anger can breed pride, resentment, envy, malice, gossip, high blood pressure, etc. So, there is a place for anger, but it must be within the bounds of reason. On the other hand,…

August Meeting – A Message For All Dignified Christian Women In 2013 August Meeting

Who is a dignified Christian woman? A dignified Christian woman is a God-fearing woman, a woman of honour with good reputation who appreciates and upholds God’s divine plan for woman right from creation as a mother, wife and a helper to her husband. She realizes that right from creation God gave her vocation and bestowed honour on her which rest on order of love and care to humanity. The dignity of a Christian woman cannot be purchased by money rather it was established by God as if woman is “Ordained” to be a mother, a wife and helper to her…