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August 14, 2018

The reforms of the Judiciary and Administration of Justice in Imo State (3)

The Emergence and Proscription of the Indigenous People of Biafra

In a case, Okonkwo, the Diokpara lived to the ripe age of 70, a very wealthy man but predeceased his father after building a mansion in the Isiobi. The father died a year later. The Osoge Okpara, one Chief Francis, thereafter laid claim to the Isiobi and took over the mansion with his own family and banished Okonkwo’s wife and teenage children to the boys quarter built by their father. This case has never gone to court in spite of the great opportunities of success under the repugnancy rules and public policy. But where a court is faced by these…

Emekuku Sub-Council holds 2nd Degree Investiture

The Second Degree Knights and Ladies with the Chaplain, Fr. Ekwebelem, Four Knights were elevated to Second Degree in the Order of Knights of St. Mulumba Nigeria, Emekuku Sub-Council at Mount Carmel Catholic Church Emekuku, Owerri on June 20, 2015. Preaching the homily, the Worthy Chaplain of the Sub-Council, Rev. Fr. Santus Ekwebelem said that being a knight is a privilege and noble call from God.  He added however, that people who belong to this Order are expected to be noble in character. “We need the grace of God in our vocations to operate effectively without it we cannot excel”,…