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August 14, 2018

“Christians commit more crimes than terrorists” – Sultan alleges

The Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar III has said that though Christians were not believed to be terrorists but they commit wicked crimes against humanity. Sa’ad Abubakar III spoke in Benin City at the General Assembly and Executive National Council Meeting of the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA). Abubakar, however, hailed the Pope for making a very strong statement defending Islam as a religion of peace. On the hijab controversy, he stated that putting on hijab is a right and not a privilege for Muslims across the nation. The Sultan said: “Hijab is our right not a privilege….

Supreme Court upholds right of female child to inherit properties in Igboland

The Supreme Court has voided the Igbo law and custom, which forbid a female from inheriting her late father’s estate, on the grounds that it is discriminatory and conflicts with the provision of the constitution.   The court held that the practice conflicted with section 42(1)(a) and (2) of the 1999 Constitution. The judgment was on the appeal marked: SC.224/2004 filed by Mrs. Lois Chituru Ukeje (wife of the late Lazarus Ogbonna Ukeje) and their son, Enyinnaya Lazarus Ukeje against Mrs. Cladys Ada Ukeje (the deceased’s daughter). Cladys had sued the deceased’s wife and son before the Lagos High Court,…

About job cuts and employment scams

The Emergence and Proscription of the Indigenous People of Biafra

Our anger matches our Judgment. There is no doubt that there is a deepening despair in the land over the seemly lull in governance, and execution of government  projects  leading to liquidity squeeze in the backdrop of the electoral promises of Job! Job!! Job!! Factory!!Factory!!!Employment! Employment!! Employment!!! These familiar sound bites now sound increasingly like a cracked record and very annoying to some people especially those persons in need of jobs. There are no indicators months after reelection of the governor that the government would lift employment embargo but relatives and in-laws of government officials are smiling behind new desks….

Rochas Reverses position on Abortion law as Catholic Church remains cautious

“my political enemies are lying in wait” – Rochas In what looked like a frenzied fire brigade approach, the Governor of Imo State Rochas Okorocha has reversed his position on the controversial abortion law. During an-extra ordinary session of the Imo House of Assembly, the governor presented an executive bill in which he said he has asked the House to look into the bill again and expunge what ever section that has apparently infuriated the public. Addressing the House and some representatives from various church denominations and  traditional rulers, at the Ikemba Ojukwu Convention Centre, where the House held the…

Upholding the Sacredness of Human life in Imo State

During the presidency of Andrew Jackson, he offered a pardon to a man who was completely rehabilitated after committing a serious crime. But the man refused the pardon and insisted on staying in prison.  He said that even if he was rehabilitated, he owed a great debt to society.  Nothing Jackson, or anyone else said could convince him to accept the pardon. Many people in our time and particularly our state are like this man who refused to accept pardon because of the very many obnoxious crimes he committed against the sacredness of human life. Our Lord Jesus gave us…

The Constitutionality Of CGC and The Roles Of Local Government Council in Economic Development (1)

The law is not an exact science. In this regard in certain circumstance we cannot by mathematical exactitude interpret all enactments of parliament. This is because words have intrinsic and varied connotations. They do not always convey what they mean or mean what they say. However the provisions of the 1999 constitution as amended are very clear in the 4th schedule, the role the legislature has mapped out for the 774 Local government Councils in Nigeria. Unfortunately, for reasons I have examined earlier on, in another article, in Law and Society, (see NULGE STRIKES: ARISING ISSUES OF CORRUPTION AND CONSTITUTIONALISM)….

Justice Not Sympathy for Imo State Pensioners

Recently the democratically elected government of Imo State declared that with effect from April 2013 retired civil servants will be paid pension only at the Community Government Council offices of their home communities where the traditional rulers are to identify them as genuine pensioners. The general meaning of this directive is that government gazettes of appointments, promotions and retirements of these pensioners as well as the series of biometric capturing exercises held since 2006 are unreliable records until they are confirmed by traditional rulers who have no records to verify the claims of the pensioners. No wonder that in its…

Jonathan imposes emergency rule on Adamawa, Borno, Yobe

President Goodluck Jonathan has declared a state of emergency in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states.  However, the governors of the affected states are to continue in their constitutional roles.  In a nationwide radio/television broadcast on Tuesday, President Jonathan ordered the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim, to deploy more troops to the affected states for more effective internal security operations. The soldiers had been given full orders to take necessary action, within the ambit of their rules of engagement, to end the impunity of insurgents and terrorists. Full texts of the President’s broadcast on Tuesday, May 14,…