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August 16, 2018

The Rise of Cultism

The rise of cultism

Cultism is rising among our youths and this is worrying.  The members live in our communities, attend our schools and colleges. Some are as young as 15 years or even less and are mostly boys. Sometimes, they are our sons who have finished school and have nothing to do. Some join these cults and gangs because of idleness, laziness or poverty, although it does them more harm than good in the end.   For some of them, it is a way of rebelling against authority or a society that has failed them. Sometimes it is also a way of feeling…

Ritual killing: Seven sentenced to death in Owerri

Justice was done on Tuesday, when an Owerri High Court sentenced seven men, accused of the gruesome murder of a young motor cyclist, (inaga) Okechukwu Osuji to death by hanging. Three others accused of the same offence were acquitted for lack of evidence. Justice C. I. Ohakwe who presided over the case, sentenced Ejike Okoro, Cajethan Okoro, Raphael Ike, Paul Njoku, Eric Igbo, Chidiebere Njoku and Anayochukwu Unamba, all between 18 and 25 years, as at the time of the crime from Owalla, Uratta in Owerri North Local Government Area, to death for the brutal murder of Okechukwu Osuji, also…