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August 17, 2018


As October 1 draws near

At about 19.02 on Friday, May 24, I received the following text message, “Good evening Fr. I go straight to your write ups every Sunday because of the way you handle burning issues. Please I would like you to handle marital issues because many homes are breaking. Most men always allow their ego to rule them thereby leaving their God given duties to their families especially their wives. Let them know what God said about loving their wives please.” This text added a real push to what I actually intended to do namely, to x ray the causes of numerous…

Irete youths and the display of hostility to non-indigenes

Undoubtedly, we are living in a precarious and hostile society.  A society where brutes and brutality are the order of the day.  This is indeed a society where atrocities are committed with impunity.  A lawless and barbaric society replete with animals in disguise in the name of human beings.  While the youths in civilized societies are busy making great impacts on ground-breakings and wonderful innovations, their Irete counterparts are busy wallowing in unethical behavior, violence and abuse of human rights.    This inference is drawn because of the attitude these young men exhibited at Mrs. Ibenye’s store on Friday at about…