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August 16, 2018

The Power of Protests

Lagos Archdiocese

  In the civilized world, protests work. Peaceful protests constitute a veritable and potent tool for expressing grievances, demonstrating strong dissent, disapproval of something or a readiness to resist an unacceptable status quo. Protests give very strong signal of the people’s frame of mind. They capture people’s mood about how disappointed or disgruntled they are with a prevailing or impending issues. How the government responds to protests sends clear message of its sense of responsibility and leadership. How seriously it takes protests shows how much it values those it governs. If those in government were truly elected through the people’s…

Too many killings with Impunity

Day of anger anguish in Benue

  No words, than sorrow, tears and anguish can best describe the tragic experience of victims of mass killings that took place on New Year Day, 2018 in some parts of our country. At Guma and Logo Local Government areas of Benue State, over 70 people were killed in cold blood by marauding herdsmen, while 14 others were also shot dead at Omoku LGA in Rivers State the same day. A monarch and his pregnant wife were sent to their untimely graves on the same New Year Day in Kaduna State, while hoodlums attacked churches and raped worshippers in Ilorin,…