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August 19, 2018



    What is Kidney? Ans:  The kidney is a major part of the Urinary System.  It is a reddish brown bean-shaped organ with a smooth surface.  It lies on either side & the vertebral column in a depression high on the posterior wall of the abdominal cavity (see fig. 1 and 2). What makes up the Kidney? Ans: The kidney has the following major parts:  An inner medulla  An outer renal cortex  A renal capsule- which is a tough fibrous membrane that surrounds the cortex. (see fig.3)   What are the functions of the Kidney? Ans: The kidney is…

Why diabetes is on the increase in Nigeria – DAN

Diabetes, a chronic, multi-systematic disease, caused by deficient insulin production, resistance to insulin action or a combination of both, is on the increase in Nigeria, including Igboland because the people have abandoned their local foods and embraced western life-style and foods. The National President, Diabetes Association of Nigeria (DAN), Professor Sunny Chinenye revealed this in his message at this year’s World Diabetes Day (WDD). The message was read in Owerri by Dr. Reginald Oputa, President DAN, Imo State who represented the National President. The address pointed out that as Nigeria modernizes and copies western lifestyle, the disease frequency is on…