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August 14, 2018


The Emergence and Proscription of the Indigenous People of Biafra

  In accordance with the strictures of the constitution, the appointment of State High Court Chief Judges are in the hands of governors at the recommendation of the NJC subject to the confirmation by the State House of Assembly. The constitution provides generally that a person shall not be qualified to hold the office of head of the respective courts unless he is qualified to practice as a legal practitioner in Nigeria and has been so qualified for at least ten years for a high court In the NJC Guidelines and Procedural Rules for the Appointment Judicial Officers of All…

The role of prison institutions in the criminal Justice System (2)

In Nigeria today, one can identify these factors:- social inequalities and injustice, as mainly responsible for criminal behaviours in mankind.  Unfortunately, these are not properly addressed in the fight against crimes especially in developing countries like ours.  The kind of social system that has evolved over the years in our country is something that cannot be easily abolished judging from our negative orientation and value system.  Again, our problem seems to be compounded by the kind of socio-political institutions bequeathed to us by the colonial masters as well as our natural instinct towards monopoly of common wealth.  The social inequalities…