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August 16, 2018

US warns citizens against travelling to 20 states in Nigeria, Imo inclusive

The United States has cautioned its citizens to avoid all travel to 20 states in Nigeria for security reasons, stating that the security there remains fluid and unpredictable. The Department of State, specifically warned Americans against travel to Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe states, noting that it’s ability to provide assistance to US citizens in the three states remains severely limited. The Department of State in a travel warning on its website on Wednesday, strongly urged US citizens in Nigeria to consider their own personal security and to keep personal safety in the forefront of their travel planning. The Department recommended…

Churches, Mosques, Schools on Red Alert – Boko Haram unleashes 50 female suicide bombers

It sounds like lions in sheep’s clothing and so, please beware! Scores of suicide bombers have been let loose by blood-thirsty Boko Haram terrorists, to kill and slaughter people. Reports said the insurgents who recently bombed the Kano Central Mosque, killing many, have released no fewer than 50 female bombers into the North East, particularly Borno State, to kill an estimated 100,000 people before monthend. Major targets remain churches, mosques, markets, motor parks, schools and other crowded places. This latest information on the activities of the killer-group was revealed when a Youth vigilante group arrested one of its female bombers….