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August 18, 2018

Ahiara Diocese: Bishop Ugorji calls for healing, renewal

Bishop Lucius Ugorji calls for revival on Ahiara Diocese

  …As mammoth crowds welcome him Christ’s faithful in the Catholic Diocese of Ahiara, have been called upon to embrace healing and renewal, as the way to put behind them the ugly experience of the Diocese in the recent past. It is only through a new communion and friendship within the church, as a family of God, that past animosities and misunderstandings over the appointment of a successor to their pioneer bishop, Late Most Rev Victor Chikwe, which have rocked the diocese for several years now, can be overcome. His Lordship, Most Rev Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji, the new Apostolic Administrator…

In loving Memory of Hon. Dr. Aloysius Anaejionu

Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure…… You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure… Looking back with memories, upon the path you trod. We bless the hours we had with you, and leave the rest for God. Hon. Dr. Aloysius Anaejionu Aguwa   Fondly remembered by:   Mrs. Dorothy Aguwa                    (Wife) Chris Aguwa (Attorney)               First Son Jerry Aguwa                                  Son Marian Aguwa                             Daughter Michelle Aguwa                            Daughter 8 Brothers and a host relations and in-laws   Memorial Mass holds on Saturday May 3,2014 @ MATER ECCLESIA CATHEDRAL, NNARAMBIA, AHIARA MBAISE CATHOLIC DIOCESE, IMO…