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August 20, 2018

Anger in Marriage

Anger in Marriage

  Anger has rendered many marriages meaningless. Anger brings about the downfall of a marriage. To a layman, anger is the strong feeling that you have when something has happened that you think is bad and unfair.   This strong feeling however, pushes you to act irrationally which often results in regrets afterwards. This phenomenon is generally the bane of most marriages. There is need for spouses to develop and build anger resistance therapy.   A wedding once took place few years back and the young beautiful expectant couple embarked on their honeymoon. The duo arrived the choice hotel of…

How to deal with jealousy

Do you feel jealous if you see your Partner with another person? We have all been a little bit jealous from time to time and some argue that a healthy level of jealousy is actually good for a relationship but extreme jealousy is a sign of insecurity. If you marry such a person, the level of possessiveness will increase and you will feel threatened by every woman he comes in contact with. It is a habit that may become abusive and the easiest way to push your Partner away and destroy your marriage. Jealousy is indeed a strong emotion that…


As October 1 draws near

INFIDELITY Infidelity in marriage can also be referred to as cheating, adultery or extramarital affair. Wikipedia defines it as the subjective feeling that one’s partner has violated a set of rules or relationship norms and this violation results in feelings of sexual jealousy and rivalry. The violation can be sexual in nature, for example involving kissing, sexual fondling or sex with another individual outside of the marriage relationship. Statistics reveal that the rate of infidelity in marriage is higher in men than in women. In their book, Close Encounters: Communication in relationships, Guerrero, Anderson and Afifi maintained that men are…