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August 20, 2018


As October 1 draws near

CAUSES OF INSINCERITY IN MARRIAGE Many couples today have different reasons why they tell lies to each other. Some may see these reasons as justifiable while others do it merely to play smart. In the words of Thomas Pazhayampallil, “Modern society presents special challenges to the young. At every turn they are enticed by a concept of human freedom that is really slavery, by a relativism that robs them of the truth, and by a materialism and pragmatism that can rob them of their very souls” (Pazhayampallil, T., Words of Eternal Life, vol.1, p. 1003). Our concern here is primarily…

Boko Haram kills 11 in Damaturu, 22 in Maiduguri

Boko Haram insurgents on Sunday, returned to Damaturu, the Yobe State capital almost nine months after the last attack, killing seven students and two teachers, Military authority also said three of the attackers were gunned down. The gunmen were said to have invaded Government Secondary School along Gashua road at about 9.15pm, shooting sporadically.  They also headed for the teachers’ quarters and killed two of the teachers. Apart from the 11 killed, three soldiers were critically injured in another clash with JTF, which lasted about five hours, a source said.  He disclosed that three of the insurgents were arrested by…