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May 22, 2018

2018 Lenten Message of His Holiness Pope Francis

  “Because of the increase of iniquity, the love of many will grow cold” (Mt 24: 12)   Dear Brothers and Sisters, Once again, the Pasch of the Lord draws near! In our preparation for Easter, God in his providence offers us each year the season of Lent as a “sacramental sign of our conversion”.[1] Lent summons us, and enables us, to come back to the Lord wholeheartedly and in every aspect of our life. With this message, I would like again this year to help the entire Church experience this time of grace anew, with joy and in truth….


Pastors corner with Fr Henry Ibe

    Fresh from his baptism, Jesus sets out to fast and pray in the desert where he is tempted by the Devil. By overcoming the temptations, he gives us a model to deal with temptations and sin.   The Lord spends forty days in the desert – a period symbolic of great physical and spiritual challenges. The Great Flood lasted forty days (Gen.7: 4, 17), and so did Moses’ fast on Mount Sinai (Ex.34:28). The spies sent by Moses spent forty days exploring the land of Canaan (Num.14:34); Elijah’s fasted for forty days (1 Kings 19:8); and Nineveh was given…

Holy Ghost Vocation Movement, Silent Preachers – Animator

Members of the Holy Ghost Vocation Movement have been described as silent preachers because without seeking publicity, they sponsor the training of Holy Ghost Fathers (Spiritans) who are sent to different parts of the world to preach the gospel of Christ. A leader of the movement at Holy Cross Catholic Parish Aladinma Owerri, Mrs.  Rose Mgbor gave this description recently in an exclusive interview with THE LEADER at the end of the Eucharistic celebration to mark this year’s Feast of the Movement, usually celebrated on Pentecost Sunday. Mrs. Mgbor who is also the animator of the Holy Ghost Vocation Movement…