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August 14, 2018


As October 1 draws near

At about 19.02 on Friday, May 24, I received the following text message, “Good evening Fr. I go straight to your write ups every Sunday because of the way you handle burning issues. Please I would like you to handle marital issues because many homes are breaking. Most men always allow their ego to rule them thereby leaving their God given duties to their families especially their wives. Let them know what God said about loving their wives please.” This text added a real push to what I actually intended to do namely, to x ray the causes of numerous…

St. Thomas More fetes Ogbaku Spiritual Year Seminary

The heavy rains of Sunday, May 26, 2013 and the deplorable roads to the seminary were no deterrent enough to hold or dampen the spirit of the members of St. Thomas More Special Jurisdiction, New Owerri with their priest-in-charge, Rev. Fr. Dan Anyanwu to show their full support and encouragement to the formators and seminarians of Assumpta Spiritual Year Seminary, Ogbaku. The executives and some representatives of the Church gathered in their numbers to visit one of the formation grounds of the priests of the Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri.  They were warmly received by the Rector and seminarians.  Introducing the…