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Again crowning the above truth, the episode of John 19:25-27 makes us to understand that Mary had no other children.  If all these men were the sons of Mary, the natural thing Christ could do was to entrust her to other children for them to take care of their mother.  But He gave her to john the beloved, whom we know as the son of Zebedee.  John (19:26-27) captures it thus: “Jesus saw his mother and the disciple she loved standing there; so he said to his mother, “He is your son”.  Then he said to the disciple, “she is your mother”.  From that time the disciple took her to live in his home”.  Here the scripture records that among the other mothers including the Mary his relation that gave birth to his “brothers and sisters” he saw his mother, Blessed Virgin Mary and put her to the custody of his beloved apostle, giving that his foster father Joseph had died according to tradition.

Again Jude, in Jude 1:1, identified himself as brother of James and servant of Jesus Christ, Jude made us to understand that he is the brother of James and servant of Jesus.  This shows that he never came from the same womb with Jesus.  And as we have seen that none of the James is the blood brother of the Lord (of the same parent), then since he is the brother of James, he is not the brother of the Lord in the strict sense.

Some of these “brothers” of Jesus mentioned in the bible were older than Jesus himself, thus in Mk 3:20-21, they thought that he was getting mental when he refused to eat because of his concern for the crowd.  Again in John 7:3, they spoke of Jesus as his elders and not as his juniors.

The Blessed Virgin Mary never had other children.  Jesus has been divinely predestined to be the only one to come from her womb.  Even one of the prophecies of the Old Testament, particularly Ezekiel 44:2 portrayed it when he says: “This gate shall be shut, it shall not be opened, and no man shall enter in by it, because the Lord the God of Israel, hath entered in by it, therefore it shall be shut”.  In other words this prophetic saying can be better appreciated when we remind ourselves that Jesus Christ came into this world through a woman’s womb and by this saying that womb has been closed and no man came into the world through the same womb because our Lord Jesus entered into the world through it.



Another argument our separated brethren posit is the statement of Mt 1:25, in which some translations read that: “Joseph did not know Mary until she has given birth to a son”.  They interpreted it and added that what Matthew meant was after the birth of Christ, they (Joseph & Mary) were living as real husband and wife i.e. bearing children.  But is this the case?, after the scripture has warned us not to add or remove.

However, actually, Mt 1:25, is not interested in what happened afterwards between Joseph and Mary, but his interest here is in the affirmation, and his language is determined by his interest.  That “one is given birth to”.  Lk 2:7 has this Matthean version thus: “…she gave birth to a son, her first born…  “That same argument follows that since Jesus was the first born, and there should be others as well.

But in biblical Greek and within the Hebrew context ‘first-born son’ does not imply there are other younger ones; rather it emphasizes the dignity and rights of the child.

In the Old Testament, the word “prototokos” which is translated first-born, is consistently used for the child who will continue the same and inherit the double portion of property of the ancestral line (cf. Gen 27:1ff & Deut 21:15-17).  It is also in this light that we shall all be first born sons before the throne o the living God in the heavenly Jerusalem (cf Heb 12:22-23).  It reads: “But you have come to Mount Zion and the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem…  To the general assembly and church of the firstborn…”  Here the Bible confirms this truth that we are first born sons.  So since all of us are first born sons, where then are the 2nd or younger ones?  This shows that Mary the mother of Jesus remains sever virgin and that the New Testament has no knowledge of any offspring of Joseph and Mary apart from Jesus Christ.

Conclusively, then from a different perspective given that the word “Children” has a wider meaning, holding the view that Mary had other children “is not out of place, for by accepting Jesus Christ, we answer His brothers (cf. Lk 8:21).  And in answering his brothers we must then follow Him to call His dear mother our mother.  With this, she becomes our mother and we become her children.

In John 19:26-27, Jesus entrusted the care of His mother to His beloved disciple (John), telling him that from that day, he should take His mother as his own mother.  In this context, John being the most beloved disciple represents all the faithful.  Therefore, Jesus has directed us to accept His mother as sour own mother.  Since we accept Jesus we have to accept His mother as our own mother.  In this context, Mary has (spiritual) children (including you my reader and I) but never biological children, for she had none apart from Jesus.


Magnus Ajoku is a
Student of Seat of Wisdom
Major Seminary, Owerri.



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