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It’s not something that’s often talked about but are you aware that the state of your health can impact on your fertility. Making some simple lifestyle changes may help in improving your chances of conceiving naturally.

Here are 6 lifestyle changes you can make to help boost your fertility:

1. Maintain a healthy weight or take the necessary steps to get to a healthy weight. A study done found that overweight or obese women,  take nearly  twice as long to conceive as healthy weight women and underweight women, take nearly four times as long).

2. Maintain a healthy balanced diet, to ensure you get the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients from your food. This can be done through:

·       Cutting back on excess sugar, salt and saturated fat.

·       Eating a variety and colourful selection of fruits and vegetables.

·       Controlling your portion sizes and not leaving long gaps between meals.

3. Cut back on your caffeine intake as it has been found to decrease fertility rates in women. Sources of caffeine are coffee, tea, some soft drinks and also in some chocolate, so keep an eye on the ingredients of your food labels.

4. Stop smoking, this applies to both men and women,  it affects the egg being fertilised and sperm production as well as damaging DNA. It can also increase the risk of miscarriage.

5. Manage stress levels some ways that this can be done is through exercise, yoga, meditation and massage.

6. Maintain a regular exercise schedule which will help to manage your weight and keep stress levels down.

Rather than trying to attack everything at once which can increase the risk of failure, pick one area at a time to work on before moving on to the next. All of the lifestyle changes detailed above are within your control, so why not get proactive in maintaining your health.


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