Politics And Public Service: The Most Lucrative Business Enterprises In Nigeria Today (1)

Politics And Public Service: The Most Lucrative Business Enterprises In Nigeria Today (1)

Politics is a witty stratagem and artifice that are being exercised to establish a human and material platform for the institutionalization of a stable and progressive state with the full credence and tenet of the entrenchment of democracy and enactment of good governance. While Public Service could be categorized as a working contract entrusted to the care and responsibility of a chosen with a stipulated remuneration, recompense or allowance, for the strengthening of the affairs of the state and welfare of the people.

Analytically, both politics and public service are for the advancement, growth and upliftment of a state in every facet of her development including direction, conduct, guidance, administration and management. If all these features and parallelisms are well synchronized, harmonized, utilized and actualized, it is of every expectation and firm belief that economy, security, orderliness, decorum, decency, peace, dedication and devotion to duty, pacification and patriotism will be highly assured.

But today, the level of wild and atrocious corruption in our land is disturbingly overwhelming with no clear decisive solution and end in sight. Although some of the agencies and institutions created by our country to wrestle corruption, give it good fight and deliver this nation from its fangs and claws, have being making some efforts and moves to succeed in their missions but the journey has been so rugged, rough, thorny and tough for them. Therefore, for these agencies to achieve applaudable results and emerge victorious in the war, government must strengthen them and throw their weight behind them with every enabling laws, healthy bills and provision of resounding logistics.

In this country Nigeria, corruption has completely devastated and destroyed all the good attributes of a nation. It has shamelessly butchered and slaughtered creativity and private sector which are the hallmark and bedrock for healthy economy, good government and progressive state. Hard work, ingenuity and efforts in life have mercilessly been slain and flushed out in this country. They are being replaced with fraud, embezzlement, forgery, piracy, deceit, deception, and misappropriation and looting of the treasury. Corruption no doubt, has killed probity and accountability in our system. Our life is full of treachery and cheats. We have all lost every sense of sanity and dignity in our approaches and endeavours to life and humanity.

From the look of things in this country, it appears generally that corruption has permeated into the veins, arteries and vascular system of every average Nigerian thereby making our environment and living the most polluted, contaminated, debased and impaired situation in any given realm. No thanks to our leaders who have legalized and crowned corruption through their unedited, dysfunctional and reckless lifestyle that is traceable to their extravagant, preposterous, unreasonable, absurd and spendthrift living. The abnormal way they flaunt, exhibit and intimidate society with their stolen and ill-gotten wealth demoralizes, depresses, discourages and disheartens the common Nigerians, whom their heartless looting of the economy had not only impoverished but had made them paupers in a country that is so much blessed.

The masses of Nigeria out of frustration and helplessness, have fallen back to themselves, fighting, kicking, fist-cuffing, duping, cheating, backbiting, poisoning, hating, voo-dooing, slaughtering, butchering and eating themselves, and at the same time rushing to the church at every second of the day, praying to God ceaselessly to deliver them from the shackles of political captivity and economic dungeon they have been relegated to and pushed into by their unscrupulous, dishonest, ruthless and unconscionable brothers and sisters who were opportuned to find themselves at the corridors of power and leadership.

Unequivocally, politics through democracy produces personnels and leaders in most governmental juicy posts and positions in this country. And, what is paramount in the minds of most of these potential opportunists is looting and thievery of the public treasury for the purpose of intimidating their environment and perpetuating themselves in power without recourse to the prudence, service, sanity and order.

Factually, in any environment just like ours that is dominated and overrun by faceless and mindless corruption and impunity, probity and accountability take to their heels and fly away thereby, creating rooms and forum for looting, adulteration, piracy, forgery and stealing with total liberty and impenitence. Financial impropriety, official recklessness, scrambling and devouring of economy and treasury that belong to all of us automatically become a welcomed practice amongst the indulgers and culprits who hide under the cloak and indulgence of the government and her weak institutions to defraud us without any sign of remorse and rethink.

Today, any political appointment given to anybody in our society is greeted with tumultuous and wild jubilations. It even attracts elaborate and flamboyant church service and thanksgiving for that post/position secured will certainly and surely dust him and make him a millionaire/billionaire overnight, even if he stays in the post for only a day or one hour, through the stealing and emptying of the coffers within his or her reach.

Very painfully, in our society, most politicians that are elected by their people or appointed by government to serve their people see such appointment as settlements or consolations by either the government they helped to be in place or the masses they regard and refer to as ‘mugus’ who have been shortchanged and robbed off their opportunities. What most of these political opportunists do and think is ‘Chop the money, nothing will happen’. They have no considerations for the common masses who are wallowing in abject poverty and die of curable common diseases. Instead, they see the poor and deplorable conditions of these shrinking masses who do not even have a square meal to eat in a day, no money to even buy analgesic, no shelter to lay their heads, no money to send their children to school, no this and no that, as victims of their ill-starred chi (chi ojoo) that have only bestowed and bequeathed bad luck and hardship on them. That, since their personal gods (chi) have refused to uplift them, it will be foolhardy for them to challenge such arrangement because such are meant to be terminated in the grave.

In public service, most of the directors, executive officers, permanent secretaries, heads of personnel, heads of institutions of any sort, including most bosses of almost all government departments of works and services see their offices as oil wells because all the money appropriated to the departments are channelled towards their personal purse and bank accounts. No wonder they are seen everywhere amassing illicit wealth and acquiring properties here and there with the government money that is meant for the betterment, development and empowerment of the common masses.  They are all hidden millionaires who do not make much noise in order to escape with the looted wealth, accumulated properties and become pensionable. According to Dr Doyin Okupe, former Special Adviser on media and publicity to ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo, in the interview he granted SUN Newspaper on Sunday, December 11, 2011, he said, “Some of the richest Nigerians today are civil servants and nobody is doing anything about it. And you are saying you are fighting corruption. There is hardly any Senior Civil Servant who does not have six to eight billion Naira… We have a major problem in the country and it pervades the whole nation” (Sunday SUN Newspaper, December 11, 2011, page 7)

To be contd

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