slideshow-hypertensionHigh blood pressure (Hypertension) is the constant elevation of blood pressure above normal for a particular age range.

According to expert committee on non-communicable diseases (1993) B/P of 120/80mmHG is considered normal for a 30 year old person, while 140/90mmHG is considered high for such a person, similarly, B/P of 140/90mmHG is considered normal for a 60 year old person while B/P of 160/100mmHG is high for such a person’s blood pressure.

Blood pressure is measured at two levels

Systolic pressure (when the heart is contracting)

Diastolic pressure (when the heart is relaxing)

I decided to write on hypertension amongst all the degenerative diseases because hypertension is a “silent killer” accounting for high morbidity/mortality rates of death people associates with witches and witch craft when it becomes fatal, resulting to cardio-vascular accident (cva).

Most people having hypertension are ignorant of it especially rural dwellers, even when it presents with its signs/symptoms, they impose it to be their enemies pursuing them, evil spirit attacks, malaria or typhoid.  When ask to go to hospital for medical check-ups and to check their B/P they will say, God forbid, I am not hypertensive, what am I thinking about? having the impression that it is only thinking and emotional distress that can only cause hypertension.

Hosea 4:6 said that my people die out of ignorance proverb 21:6 said that whomsoever that wonders out of the way of understanding, shall dwell in the congregation of the dead,. That should not be our portion in Jesus name.  I pray to God to enlighten us in our ignorance to give us wisdom, understanding and knowledge, for God wished us that above all things, we should prosper and be in good health as our soul prospers. 3 John 2.

Living a righteous life is not absolute sure way for longevity, understanding and knowledge is the fundamental way out.

Some deaths from hypertension could be prevented or at least delayed if you have understanding and knowledge of the mystery of this disease and also know how to prevent and control it in order to enjoy sorrow free ageing, except by divine intervention no person with untreated hypertension will live his/her life expectancy on this earth.


Hypertension is classified into two

Primary or Essential hypertension

Secondary or Malignant hypertension

In Primary hypertension, it is said to be primary in origin when there is no obvious cause for being hypertensive, so genetic factor (hereditary) is one of the predisposing factors causing hypertension, these account for about 75%  of hypertension.

Secondary hypertension is caused by underlying diseases e.g. Endocrine and hormonal dysfunction, kidney diseases as a result of complications of the diseases that might release Renin that increases blood pressure e.g. pheocromoytoma, cushings syndrome, kidney failure, hyperthyroidism etc.

Predisposing factors of Primary Hypertension continues


Stress/Emotional Disturbances

Ironically, most Africans do not know the importance of rest/vacation.  They don’t combine rest with activity, working round the clock, keeping all the nerves, arteries and veins in tension.

Some civil servants don’t even live their table and go on annual leave/vacation. If asked to go on annual leave, they will frown at it, maybe because of extra money they are getting there outside their monthly salary, they will tell you that official work load is too much to leave and go  on annual leave.  Who told you, if you die today, tomorrow, immediately somebody must replace you and work continues (As one Igbo adage used to say “Ahia Ochanga amaghi  na ofu onye abaghi Ahia).

Where some will even alter and falsify their retirement age to work more, while some will even carry their official files home after work to continue with it.  Auto-mobile cars that is iron breaks  talk less of human beings that is body and soul.

Stress of work, unemployment, marital challenges, anxiety-fear of unknown, emotional disturbances especially post traumatic stress disorders, affects the body system because it produces chemical substances called catecholamine from Adrenal and Nor-Adrenal gland that causes vaso-constriction and narrowing of the blood vessels causing hypertension


· Obesity/Over Weight

Excessive deposition of fat in the body, leads to high cholesterol in the body that induces hypertension because lipase responsible for breaking down fats cannot do its activities well. Avoid high density fat intake diets.


· Anger/Anxiety

This is a self destructive natural habits, that contributes to high incidence of hypertension and stroke (CVA).  It is a canker warm that gradually kills in piece meal.  No habitual angry man leaves a happy life and their longevity is short.   Anger suffocates the heart, blood vessels and lungs thereby leading to impaired oxygen supply to the system, an angry man dies untimely because of hypertension, cardio-vascular accident and heart attacks.

Anger goes hand in hand with un-forgiveness, hatred, Aggressiveness.

Eccl. 7:9, cautions us against Anger.  Be not hasty in the spirit, to be angry for, anger rest in the bosom of fools

Pray to God to restore unto you, the joy of his salvation if you are an angry man.

If it is problems that make you angry, go into prayers problems is part of life, you cannot do without it. Pray to God about it, but don’t get worried about it.  See what God promised us in Isaiah 43:v.1-3. That we should not be afraid – he  will save you, he has called you by name, you are mine, when you pass through deep waters I will be with you, your troubles will not overwhelm you, even if you pass through fire you will not be burnt.


· Excessive Salt intake

Chemically, salt contains sodium and chloride.  I don’t want to go into details of pathophysiology of high salt intake causing hypertension but in a flash.  Sodium is a higher concentration than water (Osmosia), and tends to draw water from the surrounding tissues to dilute itself, which moves into the blood vessels, thereby increasing the volume of fluid in the blood vessels which increases the pressure of blood causing hypertension, so don’t take extra salt in your meals, restrict tin foods because of excess sodium used in preservations.

Other causes of hypertension, includes oral contraceptives.  These are drugs used by women for family planning that contains estrogen and progesterone.  These hormonal drugs, seems to raise blood pressure

To be contd.


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