law and society

Society is always in a mercurial state of flux. Hopefully change should be for the better and not for the worse.

Every community has to rise to the challenges of modernism and concretize its legitimate aspirations or betray them. For Orlu, the greatest challenges remain the problems created by insecurity, poor law enforcement and a high level of unemployment.



The broad spectrums of security challenges are very remarkable in Orlu which has driven away potential investors from the historical town which perhaps is an emerging commercial centre. Daily reports of Kidnapping and armed robberies are of rampant occurrences and the uses of narcotics very high.

The Banks in the historical town operate under fear of armed robbery attacks barely challenged by the law enforcement agencies operating in the town. The latest development is that the task of law enforcement has been taken over by clerks of the LGA headquarters who mount road blocks to extort large sums of money from motorists plying lawful diversions caused by the delayed road constructions in the town main road called Ihioma/Amigbo which stretches from Banana junction to Nkwerre on the pretense of been ENTRACO OFFICIALS whose signposts at their point of operation, seemly justifies their presence on the roads, with complete recklessness and disregard for the dignity of the human person and the rule of law.

These aged   men welding logs and offensive weapons prey on innocent motorists, arrest, frustrate, and detain persons and vehicles for taking wrong routes with the seemly indifference of the local police and FRSC.

These victimizations are so generalized that the majority of the people are now crying out to the Government for accelerated construction of the roads and help check the menace of the unprofessional corrupt civil servants who when they are not raiding and carting away the goods of traders under the guise of revenue task force are busy performing illegal road traffic duties for self benefits.

Aside the level of institutional lawlessness caused by anti social miscreants are the problems associated with frequent alerts of potential bank robbery attacks which lead to immediate closures of Banks and interruption of business activities. These distress calls highlights the potential inefficiency and lack of preparedness of the local police to challenge the security problems facing the Country. Often times when armed robbers eventually attack, the police are irresponsive in spite of the fact that they are well armed and tactical in public displays of bravado. But at the first shots of gunfire, they disappear and some undress and scamper to safety and reemerge after the robbers have left after hours of operation without any help from Police headquarters and thus fueling suspicions.

What happens to the tactical procedure of law enforcement called convergence of police units to a troubled spot?

Although, it is possible for the police to checkmate the incessant cases of armed robberies in town, there is complete disinterest and somewhat criminal dereliction of duty by police officers who have failed to facilitate the security infrastructures to check the menace of violent crimes which in turn has stultified economic development and growth of the town. The absence of security is marked by disorder and arbitrariness and varied criminality. The rate of ritual killings and community and youth restiveness has grown remarkably because of the visible inefficiency.

The police are largely to blame for the poor security situation in the town because of the fact that they are always willing to grant bail to accused persons and compound felony by settling matters which are within the purview of the courts to adjudicate in line with the legal ethics of the realm. These criminals escape the justice system and there are no available criminal data to support future intelligence and criminal investigations which has contributed in great measures to the great leap in criminality. Criminal matters do not go to court in Orlu but are settled at great risk to society by the police investigating officers. What is needed is zero tolerance to settlement as a matter of policy.



A large proportion of Orlu indigenes are petty traders and as much as 70 percent of graduates are unemployed. These statistics may be unreliable because the figures may be more. Those who are employed are under slave labour and institutionally disabled to earn a living wage. One of the greatest abusers of human rights is the Local government Council which in spite of the encouragements and pronouncements of the government of Imo State has continued to use its indigenes as casual staff. Some of them have worked for six years and without payments in the last three years as casual staff.

Although some of these casual staff who are willing and well connected have been absorbed, a great number of them have been denied even their subsistent wages.

The uses of casual staff are generalized in the state. Why has the local government system in Imo state degenerated to this state of odouriferous miasma and ascribed to our constitutional values of the dignity of the human person and the rights to the treatised strictures to a living wage as phantasmagorical letters to be viewed with curiosity and disdain?

The problems of unemployment in Orlu have contributed to increased youth restiveness and increase in armed robberies and violent crimes. Some of these youths have taken to drugs and some have sold their ALAOBI for plane tickets to alien lands and ended in cheap cells and greater frustrations.

The few that remained and established small businesses are over taxed and maltreated by the revenue department of the local government Area which incessantly raid and cart away their goods and impound their office equipments in the name of business permits and associated taxes which when paid are not accounted for or properly receipted leading to tax leakages.

The local government has no incentive for youth development and growth and largely has no developmental strategies.

What are the goals of the local government in the next four years? .None.

What are the policies on poverty alleviation, refuse disposal, commercial and infrastructural development and or community health initiatives?????

It remains insensitive to the outcry against the casualisation of Nigerians and has refused to absorb fully all its casual staff in agreement with the local government Civil service commission recommendations in recent past. Although, it must be pointed out that the present administrator has shown remarkable resourcefulness, he is constrained to do anything on the issue.

To be contd.


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