Our Children Rape Us, We have no Security – Mgbuishii Ohaji Women


Mgbuishii Women during their demonstration at the Maria Assumpta Cathedral Owerri, Monday, August 25.

Scores of distraught and angry women from Mgbuishii, a neglected community, bordering Imo and Rivers States, in the Ohaji-Egbema Local Government Area of Imo-State, have cried out in pain and frustration, as rape, robbery and other forms of criminality take over their home.

The women came to Archbishop Anthony Obinna to air their grievances in the hope that he will speak on their behalf to the Governor whom they said abandoned them.

According to the middle-aged women and mothers, Mgbuishii is under siege from many years of government neglect and the criminal activities of some of its own sons and daughters.

“There is no police at Mgbuishii. When we report anything to the police we are even in more danger. When the police come at all, the criminals beat them up because they have stronger weapons than the police. We are raped and molested by our own children. You cannot come to Mgbuishii and return home safely because of the crime,” the spokeswoman who preferred anonymity told The Leader.

“People have stopped coming to our local market to buy things from us because of crime and robbery. We needed police escort to get here and we will also need them to go back home.  We have no roads, no social amenities, no primary or secondary schools. We feel left out and abandoned.”

Another  leader said:“We are angry because government is not looking our way. We have been abandoned for many years now- we have no good roads, no electricity, no market and nothing is going on in our place. To make things worse we are now suffering from insecurity. Because the roads are bad, on market days the hoodlums will go on the roads, robbing people. That is why people have stopped coming to our market.”

The Mgbuishii women claimed that some of them were planning to relocate to other communities or even to Rivers State because of the “thieving and robbery” in their village.

“Even the Reverend Father in our place is complaining and saying he will go away. Other men of God are also unhappy. Last two weeks, some Rev sisters visited our place and were waylaid on the road and robbed. We have a lot of problems, that is why the women have come to complain to the Archbishop, who is our father in the Lord and we know that his words command respect and the Governor will listen to him,” the  women leader added.

Responding, the Archbishop Obinna expressed shock at the allegations of rape by their children and wondered if the women had raised their children appropriately.

“Your own very children are raping you? Is this a Government matter? Is this how you people raised your own children?  Even if they are not educated – is that why they should rape? In those days when we didn’t go to school, we used to go to the farm and market and did not rape our mothers,” His Grace explained.

The archbishop who criticised what he described as “American –wonder, impressionistic development” in the state, a hoax development that has no direct impact on the communities, however prayed for the women and people of Mgbuishii asking God to intervene in their situation.

“This report that your people have come here to make under the scorching sun, we pray that in no distant time they will receive succor and peace that all their requests will be looked into and solved, this we ask through Jesus Christ our savior”

And the women chorused, “Amen!”


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